Sunday, November 14, 2010

This little piggy went to the Market....

So with my car packed, Baby Moo being babysat by her fantastic grandparents (my parents travelled out to look after her!) and my business smile on....I braved my very first market today.

I didn't travel far - just into my local town for the monthly market. Instead of flying solo - I shared the stall with some beautiful and crafty Mamas and had a great day.

Sales were disappointing although I can't really expect much more as it was only my first time. I absolutely LOVED meeting all my new customers and have taken plenty of custom-made orders which is always FUN! I am happy with the business that my FB page is generating so I have no room for disappointment.

I can't say I will be a regular at the Markets - especially now it is warming up. Baby Moo was dropped off to me later in the morning and we both didn't enjoy the heat. So much that I eventually said that I was claiming defeat and packing up! Thankfully I heard no protest from the other girls and we were packed up and in the car within 10 minutes!!!

I am now tossing up whether or not to attend the Christmas Market....maybe a good nights sleep and a night away from the sewing machine may determine this!

This is just a snippet of what was available! If you LOVE it and WANT it - contact me on!

Summer Dresses in beautiful designer fabrics!

Onesies & Tees

Special Christmas Tees!

Cute Dummy Holders plus HEAPS more!

Visit us at The Dalli Cottage Collection TODAY and let your friends know too!!


  1. well done, darling!
    I'm sure the Chrissy markets will be fantastic.
    xx Amy

  2. Gorgeous summer dresses! Good for you trying your hand at being a business owner!