Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Only 26 days to go....

My beautiful sister is getting married in 26 days and I am beyond excited for her.

She has met the man of her dreams - everything she wanted - Lachlan is. I have never seen her happier than what she is today - in Lachlan's arms. I know they will make a terrific married couple and will stand the test of both the good and bad times.

Em will make such a gorgeous bride and their wedding is going to be absolutely stunning. I actually cried (surprised?) yesterday while thinking of my beautiful sister walking down the aisle on Dad's arm. I will definitely have to have my tissues ready on the day!!

In other news....I have finished Macie Moo's flower girl dress....nearly!! I just need to finish the hem, make some shoes and organise a headpiece for her! Making the dress nearly did my head in - I said way too many 'F' words with a few 'S' and 'B' words thrown in for good measure. It has worked out well and Moo looks gorgeous....but I will NEVER be agreeing to make one again!! hahah

So here it is....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'll have some HEINZ please Mama!

I have been loosing an on-going battle with my Miss Moo.

I have tried to get her to like MY cooking but I just can't win. I cook new flavours and new dishes - but it is like she knows that it isn't Heinz so she spits it out and refuses any spoonfuls that come her way.

So after wasting dish after dish - I have succumbed to the Heinz debate. I read the food labels on the Heinz - no additives, no preservatives, no added sugar and no added salt. She can have all the Heinz food she wants....saves having a fight every meal time and TRYING to convince her that my cooking is YUMMY!!

Apparently I was a Heinz baby too....do you think it could be hereditary??

Great attitude....

My mama sent me this quote this morning....

" Your mind is a pot of thoughts and your attitude is the aroma of your thoughts. The great winners in life have one thing common: great attitudes."

Sets a perfect precedent for how I am going to roll today....with a smile and a great attitude.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blame the hormones....

I will cry about ANYTHING at the moment....seriously - it is like I have an endless supply of tears that my body needs to get rid of.

Today, I cried when Mr H corrected me that Moo was infact 10 months old instead of 9. Yep - my eyes welled up and a tear strolled down my cheek. I can't believe my baby girl is nearly ONE, nearly walking and talking. It feels like only the other day that the nurse handed her to me and we met for the first time - when our hearts connected forever.

I cry every single time I hear her cough - that awful rattly cough. Unfortunately she picked up the flu germs from us and she is s.i.c.k. It is the first time she has EVER been sick so this is all new for us. We now understand the term 'over-protective parents' and the whole motto being that you would do ANYTHING for your kids. I would take her cough away and make her 110% well again....if I could.

Then tonight as she slept on my chest, coughed and I patted her back - I cried for all the mothers who have seriously ill children. I then cried again when I told Mr H!

Then I watch TV and anything that is slightly lovely, funny, sentimental or sad....yep you guessed it....I cried!

I am blaming the hormones and obviously my role as a Mama. I used to be called 'Ice Queen' - the kind of girl who never let anything get me upset but when I held Macie for the first time....I melted. I now see every situation in a different light and I now understand why all Mama's are always SO emotional!!

And to think that I used to tease MY mama about it......

Monday, August 23, 2010

So much on!!

After having a look at my diary and my upcoming events, I took a moment to realise that I have SO much to look forward to....and also I have SO much on!!

In a few weeks, I am taking my well-deserved holiday leave and I am off to Brisbane to get upto LOTS of trouble at Em's Hens Night. Baby Moo is going to enjoy a weekend with her Daddy and all the people that I have put on standby (being her Ma, her Aunty Jen and also her surrogate Aunty Liz!). We have so much planned for this FUN weekend and my beautiful Mama and sister have also organised some fun festivities for MY birthday too!

Last year I celebrated my birthday on my lonesome while Mr H was planting the sorghum, my parents were in the UK and Em had to work. On top of that - I was 36 weeks pregnant with Moo and my hormones were shot. Long story short - I made everyone feel VERY bad about my lack of birthday festivities (which is SO rude of me) and this year they have all promised to make it up to me....and they are all going above and beyond!!

We have a special tradition that for each birthday we go somewhere special for lunch...a restaurant that takes your tastebuds to heaven! For Em's birthday we went to Sirromet Winery at Mt Cotton which was devine and for Mama's birthday we went to Spirit House at the North Coast. So for MY birthday....guess where we are going?

We are going to Matt Moran's ARIA restuarant.....UNBELIEVABLE right?? We all LOVE Masterchef so no doubt this is going to be the ultimate dining experience too!

Based on the photos above from his website....I think it will definitely take our tastebuds to heaven and beyond!!

And if that wasn't enough to be SPOILT rotten....after lunch, my Mama is treating Em and I and taking us to the evening show of.....

This is another special tradition within my family. As we grew up, my parents would take up to all the new Broadway shows that would come to Brisbane or if we were visiting Sydney we would ALWAYS be spoilt and would go to see the stage productions! We have seen so many terrific shows - Phantom of the Opera (twice), Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Miss Saigon, Singing in the Rain, and many many more! I have seen Mamma Mia in London and it is AMAZING! Can't wait to go and see it again!

And this is all only on my FIRST day of my THREE day leave pass!! Saturday will be involving Em's dress fitting (I am sure I will cry like a baby when I see her in her dress!), then off for lunch, then sketching with a nude model (how rude!) and then off for karoke for dinner!!

Then - we still have the wedding to look forward to, then my very best friend's baby shower and then Baby Moo's FIRST birthday!

I feel so ultimately blessed to have so many great events to look forward to! Obviously because I am so busy with our personal life - I have advised all my Dalli Cottage clients that I won't be able to accept any more new orders as I have had such a huge influx in the last few weeks! This way, I can be guilt-free and enjoy the next few months with my gorgeous family....as they are ALWAYS my first priority!!

Life is grand....so much love....so many fun events....so many memories.

Boy am I grateful!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project One Completed

So...I have been busy working on that 'To-Do' list and finally have one thing to cross off.

I promised my beautiful sister that I would make a fabric cover for her guest book for her wedding in September. She armed me with fabric samples and off I went to Gardams in Toowoomba for the ultimate pick....

So here it is....and guess what....she LOVES it! (Thank God)

Now for the flower girl dress.....wish me luck!!

Where have the last 9 months gone?

It was only recently that I stopped and realised that my little girl is just growing up so quickly. She is fully aware of her surrounding, her loved ones and definitely knows what she wants. She is the most loving, funny, gorgeous little girl and my life feels so blessed to have her. She grabs peoples hearts and draws them in with her eyes - and they fall in love with her instantly. She makes people smile instead of cry, and laugh instead of scream. She teaches us daily what life is all about....and that is to love.

As much as I want her to stay small forever, I love watching her grow.

Moo - thank you for being YOU!

Snot Central

The dreaded flu arrived at our house this week and hit Mr H and I hard while Baby Moo was appearing to come out unscathed....much to our amazement.

We spoke too soon....Moo has woken up with the snots....and just when we were planning to go and celebrate a very special boys first birthday today. Boo!!

So it's a day at home for us - with our slippies on and lots of cuddles on demand. Hopefully the snots will decide to leave us all alone so we can grace the new Spring Days with a smile and a wave!

Any tips to help little Moo get past her first cold would be GREAT! This is the first time she has been sick....we have been so lucky haven't we!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Galah or a Monkey?

I just checked my facebook to see a status that says the following....

"This is how I love to spend my Saturday morning, voting for a monkey or a galah to run my country!!!"

I got such a chuckle out of this....and I hope you do too.

Happy Voting.....such a great way to spend a Saturday!! NOT!

image from www.thepunch.com.au

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Four Years On....

For weeks I have been wondering if I will blog about today. What it means to me, Mr H, his family and our friends. I have been staring at a blank screen for a while now. I have even closed my laptop down 4 times only to come back in a bid to tell you. How do I begin to tell you all about this day....what it represents, what it means to us and what awful memories come flooding back.

I don't feel strong enough to share and relive that day again. That fateful day where we lost our gorgeous Jamie. That day where our lives were shattered and our hearts were permanently broken. As the years roll on, I feel like my heart gets heavier and heavier with sadness for not only Jamie who had his life stolen from him but also my Mr H and his beautiful family.

I miss you Jamie - every minute of every day. Not a day goes by without me remembering a great memory or mentioning your name. I promise that Baby Moo will know her uncle and speak about him with love and pride. She will know how gorgeous you were and how much you meant to everyone who knew you. She will be told stories about how generous, smart and loving you were and she will never ever forget you. I know that you are watching over her - it feels like she knows who you are already - and it brings a smile to my face thinking that you come to visit her and let her know how much you love her.

I love you Jamie. Today, Tomorrow and Forever.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My endless to-do list....

While driving home from Brisbane yesterday, I took advantage of the time (Mr H was driving) and wrote a list for all the things I need to do....my 'To-Do' list. I remember I used to post weekly lists and proudly used to get 80% of those things done....so I thought I would do it again and see how I go.

- Make a special little boy a birthday present for his party on Saturday.
- Make a customised notebook cover for Emma & Lachlan's guest book for their wedding
- Make Macie's flower girl dress for Emma and Lachlan's wedding
- Organise my dear friend's Baby Shower in October
- Start thinking about Macie's 1st Birthday Party in October (SOO EXCITED)
- Pay bills
- Finalise details and goodies for Emma's Hens Night
- Make Emma's Hens Night Veil
- Work on all Dalli Cottage Orders
- Do the washing, ironing, etc

To add to the list - the flu has hit us here at the Dalli Cottage but thankfully I have the worse of it and Moo only has a very minimal snotty nose. I was hoping that we would survive winter without the flu but no luck there. Thankfully it's a beautiful sunny day - so we shall be spending some time outside in the rays hoping to get rid of this awful head cold.

I have set myself a 3 week timeframe with my To-Do list..........wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peas Please Mummy....

A very beautiful friend of mine has just joined the blogging world...she has such a gorgeous way of words and is such a terrific poet.

So go and show her some bloggy love and visit 'Peas Please Mummy' - I guarantee you that you will love her work.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sharing something gorgeous....

Today I stumbled across a blog, Mila's Daydreams that is so gorgeous.

This Mama has assigned herself a maternity leave hobby which involves trying to imagine her babys dream and then trying to capture it.

Have a look at her amazing photos...I think it is so gorgeous!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Daddy Daughter Day

Today I had to brave the dentist again. I was dreading it and was trying to come up with ANY excuse to convince Mr H that I couldn't go and I had to stay home to look after Moo. Needless to say he sent me on my merry way to town - while he had Moo for the day.

They had such a terrific day and they BOTH loved having one-on-one time. Moo did give Mr H the fright of his life when she decided to be an escape artist with her cot - but they live to tell the tale!! I could tell when I got home from the dentist that Moo just loved her time with her daddy. He is usually SO busy so it's so nice for them to enjoy each others company without having Mummy nagging them about putting a hat on, etc etc!!

So what do Daddys and Daughters do?

They play, they explore and they play some more! Daddys don't worry about the dishes or the washing or the vacuuming - they just PLAY! Perhaps a great lesson to learn from them....to just enjoy the moment as the dishes will be still be waiting for you - but your kids grow up SOOOO quickly!!

So guess what....I have declared that there are going to be a few more Daddy/Daughter Days....and guess what....I had absolutely NO protest from either Mr H or Moo!! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I know that I go on and on about how fabulous my friends and family are....but they REALLY are.

Look what I received in the mail from my gorgeous friend today....

a Thank You card....thanking me for our friendship. What a beautiful surprise!

It made me wonder how many times I have thanked the special people in my life? When I took the time to do a random act of kindness.

This friend is so special. Even when life keeps on handing out the shit (no other word for it) cards, she continues to smile. Her happiness is infectious and even on the cloudiest of days - she shines. I thank my lucky stars that life has brought us together and look forward to watching our little ones grow old together. Thank you for letting me be your friend - I will cherish it forever. X

I can hear clearly now.....

In the past 6 months I have noticed my hearing decline at a rapid speed. It scared me and I found myself wondering what my 'hearing' future had in store for me. I was saying the usual 'Huh' and 'What' too regularly and consequently driving people insane with having to repeat things!!

Obviously we have been seeing so many specialists with regards to Macie's hearing and much to my annoyance - the conversation always reverted back to me being told that I need to get my hearing tested, my voice sounded flat, blah blah blah. The conversation usually ended with me about to rip the specialists head off and then politely telling them that the appointment was for Macie and not her mother. This is the USUAL outcome - however, unfortunately our ENT's (Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor) comment on Monday was the final straw and as per my Mama's observations....I ripped his head off with my eyes....I was so mad that my Mama actually patted my leg to try and settle me down!

Yes - I know, I try to live the mantra of being happy, living life like Teflon and then with soul. But there are a few things in life that make me angry - and an Angry Hannah is not a pretty sight. My Mama commented that I have such a fiery streak and it's true...but I associate fiery with passionate.

Why was I so mad you ask?

After so many years of speech therapy, tutoring and hearing support....I think that MY speech is great. Just think what it would have been like without all this intervention. I think I have come a long way and instead of being told that I need this and I need that....I suppose I would like to be told by all those specialist that 'Hey Han - you have done such a great job.'

So....I bit the bullet and went for a hearing test. I was nervous - I felt sick. I had the worse case scenario all planned out in my head....the results would say that I need a Cochlear Implant and I would have to learn sign.....yep, I wasn't in a great mental place at all.

Then, I met the most beautiful audiologist EVER - I am her biggest fan.

The first thing Lisa said after I told her my issues was 'You have done so well - your speech determination is fantastic, you should be so proud of yourself'.

I nearly cried.....happy tears of course.

So we popped some new moulds on my hearing aids and had a hearing test....and the results showed that there was no real decline in my hearing as I had suspected. My right ear was getting into Cochlear territory however due to my speech determination being so good - I would never be a candidate (not that I want to be).

So guess what was inhibiting my sound?

MY MOULDS! My tubing had gone hard which was limiting the amount of sound that was coming through to my ears. Obviously the tubing was deteriorating over the past 6 months which made me feel like my hearing was getting worse and worse as the days went on.

So after doing a happy dance and releasing all my bad thoughts - I was then told even better news.

I could get new hearing aids....if I wanted to. Check these babies out....

Aren't they awesome? You can hardly see the mould and the tubing is so thin and unobtrusive. They don't whistle (mine whistle endlessly throughout the day!) and they are water resistant meaning that if I get caught in the rain - it won't be the end of the world!

They come with a hefty price tag of $3350 EACH - so I have started to save. These aren't a necessity....more a luxury and hopefully one day, I will be able to proudly wear them.

After my appointment I was so overjoyed.

Firstly I rang my Mr H to tell him the good news and he was just as excited for me. It never ever occurred to me just how concerning it has all been for him too. Never once did he pressure me to go and have a hearing test....he just loves me for me.

Then I rang my sister Emma. I know that Em has been feeling the same way with her hearing - too scared to go for the hearing test and not wanting to know the result. Her moulds are old too so she is off for a hearing test and some new moulds too! We BOTH feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel now....and it's just the best feeling.

I said a special prayer that night after celebrating with my Mum and Dad with a vino. I have so much to be thankful for....especially my hearing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fuelled up on love....

Moo and I have just got home from a beautiful loooong weekend spending time with my family while Mr H stayed home and played 'bachelors'....and had some well deserved sleep ins without the Moo morning call!

I feel completely revitalised after my weekend away. I feel so blessed to have so many terrific friends and family - the kind that pick me up and refuel me with love, soul and life.

It was just simple things like sharing a vino and a laugh with my Mama and sister Emma while cooking for Emma's bridal shower, long mornings in our PJs drinking tea and solving the worlds problems, picnics in the park soaking up the sunshine, and simply watching how much Moo loves being with her family that she doesn't get to see all that often.

One thing I noticed over the weekend was the gorgeous relationship blossoming between Moo and her Poppy. We would all wonder where they were and then would find them playing in the garden, reading a book or just having fun. Things like these make my heart nearly explode.

I never ever underestimate the power of family - and although I do love MY life with my Mr H and Moo on the farm....I also miss each and every one of them - every day.

On another note - here is desert table for the bride to be, Emma! We had pink cupcakes, I-Heart-Mudcake with choc dipped strawberries, pink lollies, and lots of other goodies. The big hit of the day was the special chest being 'Wishes for Emma'. I hope Em had a great day - she is so gorgeous and I can't believe that she is going to be Mrs Woods in 7 weeks. SO exciting!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bear with a sore head....

For some reason....I feel cranky...like a bear with a sore head....

I have been trying to process my feelings and work out what negative events are flying around my head and realised that a couple of things have been irking me....but nothing serious. I try to live the mantra of 'Be like Teflon - and don't let comments or events stick' but a few comments and happenings over the past few days have really got me cranky. I feel like I am being torn between making PEOPLE happy and instead of making ME and MY family happy.

So...as I write this - I am erasing the frown and putting a smile on my face. I am focusing on the positives and have decided to change FIVE things to limit the chances of getting cranky (as Mr H reeeeeeallly hates it!).

Here they are....

1. Structure a plan that works for ME involving family time, Moo time, Dalli (sewing) time, Mr H & I time and the all important ME time. My 'Me' time will involve special things like coffee with friends, sewing something SPECIALLY for Macie (which I have been wanting to do for the past few weeks) and even go all out and get my eyebrows waxed....or should I say my monobrow?

2. TRY not to let people's silly comments or actions upset me. Even though I CHOOSE to be friendly and warm - that doesn't make everyone else like that too. By one simple comment, I felt the negativity from that person suffocate me....I hate that feeling.

3. CHOOSE not to be involved in other people's drama. The latest 'Mummy War' (as it has been dubbed in the media) in blogosphere has really upset and disappointed me. As usual, the debate has travelled so far away from the initial message.... while reading about it last night I didn't know what I felt....and then I realised....I felt sad. Blogosphere was the ONE place I felt like I could distance myself from the bitchiness, fights and negativity.....and then there it was - staring me point blank in the face. Mr H finally told me to CHOOSE how much I want to be involved....it was then, I took two steps away and declared myself in a 'no mans land'....there is no room for 'wars' in my world.

4. Take the time to log out of WORK and enjoy the small things in life - simple things like enjoying a drink with my Mr H after he comes home from work, or snuggling on the couch and watching our favourite TV shows....the kind where we laugh and joke together. Although I am a WAHM - I really need to give myself a 'knock off' time!

5. BE ME - no matter what. A very special friend told me this week.... "The people that mind, don't matter - and the people that matter don't mind!" Very sound advice if you ask me.

So the question is, when do you take time out to process your feelings? If you do - do you admit to yourself that you need some changes? I feel liberated with my changes....and I hope that you do too. X

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sometime during the wee early hours of Saturday, the tooth fairy decided to pay a visit to Baby Moo to deliver not one but TWO little top teeth. To comment that her parents are overjoyed is an understatement as their worries of having a gummy girl were starting to intensify.

Along with her teeth have come a lot of chatter....she obviously wants to tell the world (especially her Mamamamamam and Daddadadadada) that she will now be able to chew on her vegemite toast instead of sucking it!

The teeth didn't come in peace as per her Mama's request....however after ONE long night of tears and LOTS of cuddles from her Daddy (he cuddled her on his chest from 1.30am to 5am) she has been relatively happy and chirpy. Unfortunately, her Aunty Jen and Uncle Grant may not agree with this statement as they came to visit for that ONE night of tears......and consequently Macie has put them off having a child for another 3 or more years as they experience the aftermath of sleep deprivation!

Great to see the Tooth Fairy back on the job. No comment or statement was released from the Tooth Factory as to her whereabouts....perhaps we should speculate.....where do YOU think she has been??

Leave a comment and make Moo smile....you may just get a glimpse of those very special teeth!

Monday, August 2, 2010

10 things I love about my Mr H.....

I am back in the land of living after an awful four days involving lots of pain, tears and cuddles from my Mr H. He was so amazing - giving me painkillers around the clock, constantly warming up my heat pack and giving me lots of cuddles and kisses while I cried and felt completely sorry for myself. He tended to Baby Moo's EVERY need and when she cried out for me - he would just cuddle her and tell her that he loved her and Mummy would be better soon. I only had to wince during the night and he was up and asking me what he could do for me....I always knew I was lucky....but the last four days just highlighted to me just HOW lucky I really am.

There are so many things I love about Mr H.....so I thought since my blogging creativity is a bit hazy....I thought I would share my top 10.....

My Mr H....

I love the way you kiss me like it may be the last one,

I love the way you ignore the mess when the housework hasn't been done.

I love the way you cherish every single moment we have alone,

I love the way you have dedicated your Sundays turning our house into a home.

I love the way you smell after a shower and a shave,

I love it when you don't realise just how gorgeous I think you are and I think you are extremely brave.

I love the way your face lights up when I have cooked your favourite meal,

Or when we negotiate and compromise on everything and kiss to seal the deal.

I love to watch you with Moo - in my eyes you are 'Daddy of the Year',

I love to love you no matter what....and I promise to for the rest of my years.