Friday, August 13, 2010

Daddy Daughter Day

Today I had to brave the dentist again. I was dreading it and was trying to come up with ANY excuse to convince Mr H that I couldn't go and I had to stay home to look after Moo. Needless to say he sent me on my merry way to town - while he had Moo for the day.

They had such a terrific day and they BOTH loved having one-on-one time. Moo did give Mr H the fright of his life when she decided to be an escape artist with her cot - but they live to tell the tale!! I could tell when I got home from the dentist that Moo just loved her time with her daddy. He is usually SO busy so it's so nice for them to enjoy each others company without having Mummy nagging them about putting a hat on, etc etc!!

So what do Daddys and Daughters do?

They play, they explore and they play some more! Daddys don't worry about the dishes or the washing or the vacuuming - they just PLAY! Perhaps a great lesson to learn from just enjoy the moment as the dishes will be still be waiting for you - but your kids grow up SOOOO quickly!!

So guess what....I have declared that there are going to be a few more Daddy/Daughter Days....and guess what....I had absolutely NO protest from either Mr H or Moo!! :)

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