Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blame the hormones....

I will cry about ANYTHING at the moment....seriously - it is like I have an endless supply of tears that my body needs to get rid of.

Today, I cried when Mr H corrected me that Moo was infact 10 months old instead of 9. Yep - my eyes welled up and a tear strolled down my cheek. I can't believe my baby girl is nearly ONE, nearly walking and talking. It feels like only the other day that the nurse handed her to me and we met for the first time - when our hearts connected forever.

I cry every single time I hear her cough - that awful rattly cough. Unfortunately she picked up the flu germs from us and she is s.i.c.k. It is the first time she has EVER been sick so this is all new for us. We now understand the term 'over-protective parents' and the whole motto being that you would do ANYTHING for your kids. I would take her cough away and make her 110% well again....if I could.

Then tonight as she slept on my chest, coughed and I patted her back - I cried for all the mothers who have seriously ill children. I then cried again when I told Mr H!

Then I watch TV and anything that is slightly lovely, funny, sentimental or sad....yep you guessed it....I cried!

I am blaming the hormones and obviously my role as a Mama. I used to be called 'Ice Queen' - the kind of girl who never let anything get me upset but when I held Macie for the first time....I melted. I now see every situation in a different light and I now understand why all Mama's are always SO emotional!!

And to think that I used to tease MY mama about it......

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  1. Ah darlin'...I know exactly how you feel, and yes you are right..you just need to get it all out. Unfortunatly you can't control your hormones 100%. Big hugs to you little lady and know that I'm thinking of you with love and kisses.