Monday, August 2, 2010

10 things I love about my Mr H.....

I am back in the land of living after an awful four days involving lots of pain, tears and cuddles from my Mr H. He was so amazing - giving me painkillers around the clock, constantly warming up my heat pack and giving me lots of cuddles and kisses while I cried and felt completely sorry for myself. He tended to Baby Moo's EVERY need and when she cried out for me - he would just cuddle her and tell her that he loved her and Mummy would be better soon. I only had to wince during the night and he was up and asking me what he could do for me....I always knew I was lucky....but the last four days just highlighted to me just HOW lucky I really am.

There are so many things I love about Mr I thought since my blogging creativity is a bit hazy....I thought I would share my top 10.....

My Mr H....

I love the way you kiss me like it may be the last one,

I love the way you ignore the mess when the housework hasn't been done.

I love the way you cherish every single moment we have alone,

I love the way you have dedicated your Sundays turning our house into a home.

I love the way you smell after a shower and a shave,

I love it when you don't realise just how gorgeous I think you are and I think you are extremely brave.

I love the way your face lights up when I have cooked your favourite meal,

Or when we negotiate and compromise on everything and kiss to seal the deal.

I love to watch you with Moo - in my eyes you are 'Daddy of the Year',

I love to love you no matter what....and I promise to for the rest of my years.

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  1. and how lucky is Mr H to have a little Mrs like you..I'll make sure I get him to read this blog...its beautiful!