Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bear with a sore head....

For some reason....I feel a bear with a sore head....

I have been trying to process my feelings and work out what negative events are flying around my head and realised that a couple of things have been irking me....but nothing serious. I try to live the mantra of 'Be like Teflon - and don't let comments or events stick' but a few comments and happenings over the past few days have really got me cranky. I feel like I am being torn between making PEOPLE happy and instead of making ME and MY family happy. I write this - I am erasing the frown and putting a smile on my face. I am focusing on the positives and have decided to change FIVE things to limit the chances of getting cranky (as Mr H reeeeeeallly hates it!).

Here they are....

1. Structure a plan that works for ME involving family time, Moo time, Dalli (sewing) time, Mr H & I time and the all important ME time. My 'Me' time will involve special things like coffee with friends, sewing something SPECIALLY for Macie (which I have been wanting to do for the past few weeks) and even go all out and get my eyebrows waxed....or should I say my monobrow?

2. TRY not to let people's silly comments or actions upset me. Even though I CHOOSE to be friendly and warm - that doesn't make everyone else like that too. By one simple comment, I felt the negativity from that person suffocate me....I hate that feeling.

3. CHOOSE not to be involved in other people's drama. The latest 'Mummy War' (as it has been dubbed in the media) in blogosphere has really upset and disappointed me. As usual, the debate has travelled so far away from the initial message.... while reading about it last night I didn't know what I felt....and then I realised....I felt sad. Blogosphere was the ONE place I felt like I could distance myself from the bitchiness, fights and negativity.....and then there it was - staring me point blank in the face. Mr H finally told me to CHOOSE how much I want to be was then, I took two steps away and declared myself in a 'no mans land'....there is no room for 'wars' in my world.

4. Take the time to log out of WORK and enjoy the small things in life - simple things like enjoying a drink with my Mr H after he comes home from work, or snuggling on the couch and watching our favourite TV shows....the kind where we laugh and joke together. Although I am a WAHM - I really need to give myself a 'knock off' time!

5. BE ME - no matter what. A very special friend told me this week.... "The people that mind, don't matter - and the people that matter don't mind!" Very sound advice if you ask me.

So the question is, when do you take time out to process your feelings? If you do - do you admit to yourself that you need some changes? I feel liberated with my changes....and I hope that you do too. X


  1. Taking a step back from the drama is an important measure. I'm sure you'll feel loads better after doing that.

    Who likes all that turmoil anyway?

  2. Definitely not me Joey! I have taken 2 big steps back and feel better for doing it already. Thanks for the comment....I love hearing from you X

  3. drama sucks - especially when it is all trapped in our heads!!!
    Good to have a clean and chuck out of those un-invited guests. :)

    Have a happy day.
    xx Amy