Sunday, August 22, 2010

Snot Central

The dreaded flu arrived at our house this week and hit Mr H and I hard while Baby Moo was appearing to come out unscathed....much to our amazement.

We spoke too soon....Moo has woken up with the snots....and just when we were planning to go and celebrate a very special boys first birthday today. Boo!!

So it's a day at home for us - with our slippies on and lots of cuddles on demand. Hopefully the snots will decide to leave us all alone so we can grace the new Spring Days with a smile and a wave!

Any tips to help little Moo get past her first cold would be GREAT! This is the first time she has been sick....we have been so lucky haven't we!


  1. A nice bath before bed usually helps my little ones. And if the air is dry, a humidifier at night.

  2. Thanks lovely ladies! I can't wait for Spring and no snot!! Hope you are both well X