Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My endless to-do list....

While driving home from Brisbane yesterday, I took advantage of the time (Mr H was driving) and wrote a list for all the things I need to 'To-Do' list. I remember I used to post weekly lists and proudly used to get 80% of those things I thought I would do it again and see how I go.

- Make a special little boy a birthday present for his party on Saturday.
- Make a customised notebook cover for Emma & Lachlan's guest book for their wedding
- Make Macie's flower girl dress for Emma and Lachlan's wedding
- Organise my dear friend's Baby Shower in October
- Start thinking about Macie's 1st Birthday Party in October (SOO EXCITED)
- Pay bills
- Finalise details and goodies for Emma's Hens Night
- Make Emma's Hens Night Veil
- Work on all Dalli Cottage Orders
- Do the washing, ironing, etc

To add to the list - the flu has hit us here at the Dalli Cottage but thankfully I have the worse of it and Moo only has a very minimal snotty nose. I was hoping that we would survive winter without the flu but no luck there. Thankfully it's a beautiful sunny day - so we shall be spending some time outside in the rays hoping to get rid of this awful head cold.

I have set myself a 3 week timeframe with my To-Do list..........wish me luck!

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  1. Yikes....that's quite a list you have there! You seem like a very motivated person, I'm sure you'll get it all done! GOOD LUCK!!