Monday, August 23, 2010

So much on!!

After having a look at my diary and my upcoming events, I took a moment to realise that I have SO much to look forward to....and also I have SO much on!!

In a few weeks, I am taking my well-deserved holiday leave and I am off to Brisbane to get upto LOTS of trouble at Em's Hens Night. Baby Moo is going to enjoy a weekend with her Daddy and all the people that I have put on standby (being her Ma, her Aunty Jen and also her surrogate Aunty Liz!). We have so much planned for this FUN weekend and my beautiful Mama and sister have also organised some fun festivities for MY birthday too!

Last year I celebrated my birthday on my lonesome while Mr H was planting the sorghum, my parents were in the UK and Em had to work. On top of that - I was 36 weeks pregnant with Moo and my hormones were shot. Long story short - I made everyone feel VERY bad about my lack of birthday festivities (which is SO rude of me) and this year they have all promised to make it up to me....and they are all going above and beyond!!

We have a special tradition that for each birthday we go somewhere special for lunch...a restaurant that takes your tastebuds to heaven! For Em's birthday we went to Sirromet Winery at Mt Cotton which was devine and for Mama's birthday we went to Spirit House at the North Coast. So for MY birthday....guess where we are going?

We are going to Matt Moran's ARIA restuarant.....UNBELIEVABLE right?? We all LOVE Masterchef so no doubt this is going to be the ultimate dining experience too!

Based on the photos above from his website....I think it will definitely take our tastebuds to heaven and beyond!!

And if that wasn't enough to be SPOILT rotten....after lunch, my Mama is treating Em and I and taking us to the evening show of.....

This is another special tradition within my family. As we grew up, my parents would take up to all the new Broadway shows that would come to Brisbane or if we were visiting Sydney we would ALWAYS be spoilt and would go to see the stage productions! We have seen so many terrific shows - Phantom of the Opera (twice), Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Miss Saigon, Singing in the Rain, and many many more! I have seen Mamma Mia in London and it is AMAZING! Can't wait to go and see it again!

And this is all only on my FIRST day of my THREE day leave pass!! Saturday will be involving Em's dress fitting (I am sure I will cry like a baby when I see her in her dress!), then off for lunch, then sketching with a nude model (how rude!) and then off for karoke for dinner!!

Then - we still have the wedding to look forward to, then my very best friend's baby shower and then Baby Moo's FIRST birthday!

I feel so ultimately blessed to have so many great events to look forward to! Obviously because I am so busy with our personal life - I have advised all my Dalli Cottage clients that I won't be able to accept any more new orders as I have had such a huge influx in the last few weeks! This way, I can be guilt-free and enjoy the next few months with my gorgeous they are ALWAYS my first priority!!

Life is much many fun many memories.

Boy am I grateful!

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