Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Project Three - Moo Shoes

I know I know - the shoes weren't on the 'To Do' List but I found a beautiful pattern and just HAD TO see if I could make them.

They are definitely made with love but they look super cute on Moo! I tried to take a photo with them on but she kept on trying to grab the camera so no luck!

I am off to make another little set with some beautiful material I got yesterday from a gorgeous little shop in town! Watch this space!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monster Moo

Macie has a new friend.....her name is Monster Moo.

She is the clingy, cranky, tantrum-throwing, irritable, sleep-deprieved teething MONSTER.

We have asked for Macie to kindly ask her to vacate the premises as there is no room in our cottage for her mean friend.

We have also asked for Macie to have a stern word with her teeth and ask for them to come in PEACE. We are not fully equipped even with the bonjella, nurofen, panadol, teething rings, cuddles and kisses to fight this war.

We dont feel we are asking too much. We have decided if they don't accept our offer - we will tell the teeth to go away and never come back. Teeth are over-rated and Puree is under-estimated.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Project Two...Bib & Matching Burp Cloth

I got busy yesterday and started making Moo a bib and a matching burp cloth. Moo being a reflux baby - I don't go anywhere without a burp cloth over my shoulder. I classify it as the ultimate Mummy accessory! And it looks even better now I have put my touch on it!!

I love the fabric I did the laundry basket in so I decided to use a bit more!!

If I was given the choice....

Whilst reading Big Teeth & Cloud's blog post today, Reflecting on Months before Magic Ears it reminded me what a huge impact hearing aids have had on my life.

It also prompted me to proudly state as a comment on her blog that if I was to be given the choice to be given my hearing back - I wouldn't accept it.

Big call isn't it?

After years and years and years of accepting my hearing impairment, my hearing aids and the stigma that goes with it....I am now proud to be Deaf. I am proud to wear my hearing aids. I am proud to tell people 'Hey - my Mama fought for me when I was young and now it's my job to make her proud'.

Recently, my sister and I were speaking about the option to have a Cochlear Ear Implant. She was telling me about a recent appointment she had with an ENT which resulted into some harsh words being exchanged between both the doctor and herself. You are wondering why? It is because the ENT was trying to advise her to have the CI implant....and my sister became offended. What is wrong with hearing aids? What does the CI Implant do that the hearing aids dont? Can you guarantee 100% that the operation will be a 100% success....and the answer was NO. ** This is to be no offense to CI Implant patients. Personal opinions and feelings ONLY **

Obviously, the ENT was only doing his job. He was looking at a case from a medical perspective - and realising that he could perhaps implant the CI and give my sister a life without hearing aids. My sister didn't appreciate his perspective AT ALL!

Then when we were attending an appointment with Macie's audiologist we were then advised that perhaps my sister and I would eventually need CI Implants. Once again, we advised him that this would not be necessary and we would not be interested in this. My Mama was so offended that they even suggested it - as she has spent many many years teaching us to love ourselves with our hearing aids.

Hearing aids have become such an important part of our lifes. They have shaped us to be the proud, strong and opinionated women that we are today. They have taught us that nothing will stand in our way and if it is worth it - we should fight for what we believe in. They have taught us that there are some VERY narrow-minded people in the world who judge a book from it's cover.....but that has only made us more determined to widen their horizons and appreciate our loved ones who accept us for WHO WE ARE.

So - when asked the question - Would we give up our hearing aids? The answer is a strong, firm and decisive N-O.....NO.

This is me - love me for it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project One....Completed!

In between dishing out copious cuddles and kisses for a Teething Baby Moo - I managed to complete my first project off my 'To-Do List'.

I figured I would go with a challenge I decided to do a makeover on my terrible looking laundry basket. It was Mr H's basket before he met me - so would be nearly 9 years old!!

So here it is BEFORE....

It really is so yucky isn't it??

Well after seeing a fantastic post on Made by Courtney, I decided to make a new insert for the basket as it had definitely seen better days. For a person who is definitely learning on the sewing machine - I am super proud of myself! I managed to even sew a circle for the bottom so it looks fantastic!!

In the meantime, I had Sewer Moo wanting to help.....notice the drool from the teeth!!

I then hit the basket with some black spray paint to give it a new look to match my black & white bathroom!

And here it is....

Isn't she beautiful? I am in love with it!

I wish Moo was in love with it - with the onset of teeth - she doesn't love anything except Bonjella and Nurofen. We had lots of tears tonight and finally managed to settle her down for sleep after trying the metal spoon trick. Bloody teeth.....

My To-Do List

I am putting my creative shoes on and going to get busy with all the little projects I have seen on all of these amazing blogs! I feel like I need some things to get me busy so here goes....

1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this couch table that Life as Lori has made! I am determined to make one for my bathroom as I have been looking for one for AGES! I have neeever worked with wood, nails, etc so I may make it a Mr H & Mama Butterfly project!! Yeehaa!!

2. I am going to make some more matching bibs and burp cloths for Baby Moo!! Being a happy chucker, teething plus being the worlds messiest baby is prooving to be a challenge for me to keep the bibs up to her!

3. I absolutely love these Applique shirts by Aly & Ash Creations! I am going to make Macie a few shirts with Tinkerbell, Bambi, Butterfly and Dragon Fly! I may even get SUPER creative and make a buschka doll!!

4. This book box is AMAZING and will be perfect for Moo's room with her growing collection of gorgeous books! I found the idea from Crafts by Courtney!

5. My laundry basket is looking particularly sad at present so I am going to do a makeover with some gorgeous black & white fabric that I bought YONKS ago from Ikea! I saw the fantastic idea from Crafts by Courtney! She is so CREATIVE!!

6. My jewellery is currently in a huge knot so I am going to make myself a Jewellery Board just like this one at On My Side of the Room!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Ankle Biters

I remember years ago someone using the term "Ankle Biters" to describe children....and I always wondered what on earth made them come up with that description.....

Now I know why....

As I write, I have Moo at my feet - exploring my toes one by one - as if she is singing 'This Little Piggy went to the Market'. Then she gets excited and goes in for the kill - and I feel her nibbling at my feet! I got the fright of my life!

And when I manage to get away from the little adorable monster, I realise that she has perfected the art of crawling and has found me in the kitchen....and when I say ME - I mean my feet!

So I officially have an Ankle Biter....and a very cute, smiling and adorable one at that....

And I wouldnt want it any other way.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nursing a broken heart

I am sorry that I have been slack with Blogland lately.

My papa passed away on Friday after 81 years. He died a peaceful death after being considerably ill for many years. His family was surrounding him and he simply closed his eyes and passed away.

As hard as it is to see my Papa gone - it is harder watching my Grandma nurse her broken heart. She has lost her best friend, her soul mate, her husband. The first thing she said when she saw me after Papa's passing was 'We had known each other for 65 years - married for 59'.

65 years - what an achievement. Grandma is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I look at her with the utmost respect and class her as my #1 role model. The road has been so tough for her - marrying young to her parent's negativity, working hard to keep her family afloat, nursing her son who was tragically burnt from a jug of boiling water, being a mother, being a wife, being a sister, and a daughter. She has graced ALL her jobs in life with such love and adoration for all her family. And not a small family either - she has 5 children, 16 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. And even while her heart is breaking after Papa's passing - she still has enough energy and sunshine to smile at us, kiss us, hug us and tell us how much she loves us.

So yes, this post should be about my Papa - but instead this situation has shone the sunlight on my beautiful Grandma. Through the clouds and the mist - she is still able to find the sunshine...what an inspiration.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Making Progress!

Recently, I contacted the Principal Audiologist for Paed. Services at Australian Hearing in Melbourne to voice my concerns over the service and care that our local centre is providing children and their families - in particular - MY FAMILY.

I asked for answers to the rudeness I was receiving from the reception staff, the resistance with appointments, the delays with receiving moulds, the lack of plans in place for our audiologist's maternity leave and most importantly, the apparent lack of funding for the Paed. Audiologist.

Almost immediately, I received a response confirming that my e-mail will be acted upon and the issues will be ironed out. I rang the Audiologist to introduce myself and fell in love with her. She is fantastic! I can now can see light at the end of our tunnel of struggles!

The most important thing she told me though - is to continue using polite assertiveness towards the staff as it is my job to fight for Moo - as I am Moo's advocate to ensure she receives the care and service she deserves.

So, when the going gets tough and you feel like you can't fight the higher authorities - just remember that you are doing what is RIGHT! You are fighting for your children - you are advocating when they don't have the voice to do it themselves. My Mama did this for me all those years ago and now it is my job to do it for Moo.

So there is light at the end of the tunnel - and also a beautiful life for my beautiful family.

Image from

Monday, April 12, 2010

The love of my life.....

Two years ago I married my Mr H - my lover, my soul mate and my best friend. Life with Mr H is what life should be. Full of love, happiness and laughter. Full of confidence that we will survive the tough times and cherish the good times. Mr H has given me the ultimate blessing - our baby Moo who continues to enrich our lives daily.

Mr H and I met on a flooded river 8 years ago when I travelled to visit his sister for one night over the Easter break. It was raining and consequently, I was flooded in for 5 days. As corny as this sounds - I will never ever forget when I first saw Mr H. I dont know if it was love at first sight - but I did know that I had to get to know this handsome man. I wonder if there were cupids flying around that day - because it was definitely like the arrow hit the heart and pierced it! It was 6 months later that we realised that we had mutual feelings - he finally blew my breath away and kissed me and I asked 'What exactly do you want??.....he replied with 'I want you!'. From then on....he had me!

Mr H moved to live in the city where I was living and working and after 3 years he begged for us to move back to the country where the air is cleaner and the people are friendlier. So, we packed up, moved, got married, had Baby Moo and never looked back.

I love you Mr H - today, tomorrow and always.

On a funnier note - after looking through my wedding photos - I found this HILARIOUS shot.

While saying our vows, my bridesmaid Stephanie decided that my veil wasn't sitting right so went to fix it - as bridesmaids do! When she went to flick it - the veil went flying and our photographer managed to capture the moment. Isn't it such a terrific photo! When it all happened - you should have heard the congregation all go 'OH NOOOOO' - but it was then when Mr H & I started laughing our heads off that everyone laughed for what seemed like eternity.

As I look at this photo - I realise that it is a true reflection of our relationship. When the bad things happen - we try to look at it and appreciate everything we have got! Any other bride would have FREAKED - but instead Mr H & I found it hilarious! Who cares if my veil came off and our vows were created such a great memory and saw everyone have a good ol laugh - even if it was at our expense!

As they say....some things just happen for a reason.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Please meet my new friend Jenni....

I have a new best friend....her name is Jenni - she is a bit old, not so pretty and a bit creaky....but I think she is beautiful. A diamond in the rough.

I recently aquired my Mama's old Janome sewing machine which I have affectionately named Jenni. So Jenni & I got our creative shoes on this week and started to make some little treasures.

Bear in mind that I have not sat in front of a sewing machine for about 10 years - since my Home Economics class where we had to make a pencil case and I vividly remember my teacher nearly pulling her hair out trying to teach me. I always lost the thread with the first sew, would get the bobin thread tangled and would ALWAYS break the needle. So.....with this behind me - I decided to try it again....and what a success!

After being completely inspired by some very creative ladies on their blogs - I decided to start with something simple. It was our little friend Ellee's birthday (next door neighbours) this week so we decided to make her a necklace....

Ellee's fav colour is pink so this was a big hit with the little princess. Her sister Salli-Anne always gets a bit jealous when it's Ellee's birthday so I decided to make her one too (naughty I know!).

And to top it off, it was their older sister Sam's birthday too last week so I decided to make her something ultra special. Sam is a great little artist so I made her a pencil role with coloured pencils. Being my first REAL project - it wasn't the best, the ribbon is uneven...I could go on for days about what is wrong with it - but on a positive note - I did it!!

I was pretty chuffed with myself - 3 projects in one week! Jenni and I had a great old time and I really enjoyed the concept that my Mama sewed creations on the same Janome for me as a child all those years ago!

It appears that I have been bitten by the sewing bug because I just couldnt stop! After looking at Baby Moo after dinner time for the past few nights I have realised that I just need more bibs! She just has to be the MESSIEST kid ever!

So I set out to make her some bibs....and I am ULTRA chuffed about these. I think they are ULTRA cute and ULTRA stylish! Moo thinks they are pretty great too!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I am so excited, humbled, and tickled PINK! I can't believe that I have 10 followers and I am certain that you are all fantastic, beautiful and inspiring people. I would love to hear from you and to make some bloggy friends - so please feel free to send me a message.

Isn't bloggy-land fabulous? And to think that I nearly ran away from it in the early days - but was lured back from Amy from Life With Soul (fantastic blog - a definite MUST read!) when she suggested that I live my Life with Soul - NOT FEAR!

Thanks to all my favourite bloggers - I now live my life with more soul, more sunshine, more cooking, more craft and mostly - more love.

I hope to continue to entertain and inspire you to love your lives - no matter what it throws at you!

Heres to the next TEN!


Friday, April 9, 2010

The one and only rule....

I have a case of the Mama Guilts. I have broken the one and only rule that Mr H set when Moo was born....and that was NO TV.

A few days ago, Moo was cranky - she didn't want to play on her mat, she didnt want to jump in her Jolly Jumper, she didnt want me to sing her songs, and she didn't want to swing in her swing.

So, as I was just about to pull my hair out - I put her in her seat and sat her in front of ABC2 Kids.....and she loved it. It was only for an hour to watch Thomas the Tank Engine and Playschool! She talks to them, blows raspberries - all while having a lovely smile on her face and plays with her feet! When they sing - she makes all these noises! Moo LOVES Playschool!!

So, as honesty is my thing - I rang Mr H who was working hard out in the paddock and told him what I had done and told him how much Moo loved it - all in the one sentence. It appears that Moo has weakened her daddy with her charm because the reply I received was....'As long as she is happy'.

But then the Mama guilt set in (It is so evil)....I find that since Macie is hearing impaired - I always think that we have to do things doubly as hard so she is 2 steps ahead. I thought that I should be singing, dancing, reading books and doing the crafty thing instead of putting her in front of the TV. But then I thought - I am only human - she is only a kid - and it's only an hour!

So I have included Playschool in Macie's routine - I see it as entertaining and education and it also gives her "MOO TIME". I crave 'Me Time' so I figure that she needs 'Moo Time'. I wonder why I feel like I have to justify my decision...

Do any other Mamas feel like this??

Only one more day to go.....

After reading my daily dose of Sunny Mummy , I felt I had share the sunshine today....

I woke up today feeling not so fact, I felt a wave of cloudiness over my eyes and wondered why I felt this way. I lay there evaluating what was going on with ME - and why I felt so down after just waking up to grace the wonderful day. And then I leant over and realised that Mr H was already up and getting ready for work....

Then Mr H came in to kiss me goodbye....I looked at the clock and it was only 5.45am. Another day where he is gone by dawn and home after dark.....and I realised that is why I felt sad, cloudy and I suppose - a tad lonely.

I am a self-confessed honest-aholic - I always let my Mr H know how I am feeling and why. I am sure, if not positive, that is why we have such a strong relationship - honesty is our fuel to keep us running and gives us the awareness on how the other person is feeling. So, with my honesty in check - I told him that I missed him and I didn't want to play the leading role as the 'Farmers Widow' anymore.

And while kissing me on the forehead, he replied....

'I know - only one more day Mama Bear.....Harvest is NEARLY finished!'

And with that response, the sunshine came flooding in! My Mr H will be home for the weekend and I am just so excited. I will have my little family together embracing the sunshine and cherishing life.

So even when you wake feeling cloudy - try to get in touch with your feelings - be honest with not only yourself, but your loved ones. Thankfully I did - and for that - I am going to have another beautiful day in my ever so beautiful life.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Moo was cheeky times I wasnt looking, she would grab her ear and consequently her hearing aid - and then inspect it....with her MOUTH! Oh No!!!

I caught her numerous times and managed to get a few moments on camera! No matter how many times I said 'NO MOO - That does not go in your mouth' - I was greeted with a cheeky smile and a look as if to say 'Whatever Mama!'.

I remember the stories my Mama told me of times when I didn't want my hearing aids in. I would be ultra-cheeky too and hide my hearing aids in sandpits, toy boxes - absolutely anywhere I could think of. My poor Mama wouldn't realise until we had got home and then would proceed to pack us back in the car and go to search the park where we were playing or the kindy we were attending. Back in those days, we didnt have the choice of coloured hearing aids and they were all the standard looking for beige hearing aids in the sand was not a pleasant moment for my Mama. But she always found them - and we never went a day without them.

She would also tell me stories of how we would jump in a pool without taking them out, or we would take them out and then not put them back in so they would sit outside in the rain or the dew. Or we would be playing with waterbombs and get hit in the head and they would be wet.....Needless to say - we were always doing something we shouldn't be doing with our hearing aids....and causing my Mama plenty of grey hairs.

So, as I put Moo's hearing aids back in for the tenth time today, I found myself laughing. Karma is such a terrific thing isn't it! I put my Mama through hell when I was a child - so imagine what Moo is going to do to me!!!

Oh the joys!! But I wouldnt change it for the world. Not when these innocent eyes are looking at me!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Counting my blessings....

When life throws you lemons....just take a moment to take a step outside your life and take a peek through.

We got home from our Easter break today and were horrified to see our freezer door slightly ajar and dripping. Hundreds of dollars of meat was sitting there thawed and wrecked.........

We then put a load of washing on....and soon had a lake in our laundry.

We went to give Macie her bottle and the water filter was empty.

We then said to ourselves.....what more could go wrong?

To be honest - a few swear words went flying with the steam coming out of my ears.

But then I saw this....

Our little family of 'Lousy Jack' birds playing in our sprinkler! We have a family of about 10 birds who greet us daily with their beautiful chirps and playful nature. They made us all smile and realise how beautiful nature is.

And then I saw this....

Baby Moo supervising Mr H cleaning up the lake of water in our laundry! She was soon sitting on his lap while they inspected the reason for the leak. Enough to make my heart want to explode.

And then I saw this....

Mr H playing with Baby Moo outside and enjoying the sunshine.

My beautiful family are completely irreplacable. The puppies will love the meat from the freezer, the meat can be purchased again and my washing machine can be fixed.

So I am counting my blessings....and I realised I am rich - with love and happiness - and what more do I need??

The greatest compliment of all....

Yes - I am gloating about my little angel....

Baby Moo met so many new people over the Easter break. She met family friends, strangers, children, etc - and she just loved every moment of it. Everyone she met fell in love with her smile and her happiness - they would tell me that she is beautiful, happy and I would simply say to myself 'I know!!'.

But the greatest compliment of all were comments like 'she is so alert', 'she follows every sound', 'she responds to your voice', 'she is so advanced for her hearing impairment'. And that just made me so proud of my little girl.

My sister (A teacher of the deaf) was just amazed with Moo's ability to pick up any new trick that was taught to her. She was playing Peek-A-Boo within minutes of being shown, poking tongues with her Poppy and giving kisses to anyone after her Granny taught her!! She searches for the voice that is speaking in a conversation and listens intently, she smiles when she is spoken to and then will most times speak back!

It taught me that I made the right decision with choosing her hearing aids. I could have chose the fashionable type - the smaller, cuter aids. But instead I chose the aids which were bigger, bulkier....and all because they focus on voices and sounds while eliminating background noise. To see the difference in Macie's awareness since she has been given her hearing aids.....just shows me that the BIG IS BEST!!

So after the greatest compliment of all - what I knew already was confirmed. Nothing is going to hold Baby Moo back. The world is her oyster....and nothing like being hearing impaired is going to stand in her way! And to see this and hear this from my family and friends.....was the proudest moment yet of my Mama career!

Friday, April 2, 2010

To fight or not to fight....

We had an appointment with Australian Hearing on Wednesday after the drama that they put me through on Tuesday. I walked in there with my head held high, a smile on my face and ready to fight. The reception girls refused to look at me and instead sent the 'fix it' man to greet me at the desk. It's unfortunate for that just gave me more will to fight.

Eventually we met with our audiologist and she got in first - the reception staff told her 'their version' of the story so I was officially classed as the 'Super-pushy, dramatic, emotional, all-of-the-above Mum!'. Yay for me!

However, I stuck to my guns and asked for answers - answers for lack of appointment availability, answers for resistance from the reception staff, answers for why Macie is missing out because there are no appointments, answers for rudeness, answers for cancellation of appointments. And more importantly, answers for why the moulds are taking so long....

In the end, I was told that the reason why I am experiencing all these problems is because of LACK OF FUNDING. The government is only funding the branch for an audiologist to be in the office for 2 DAYS. My blood boiled - and I asked for clarification....yep - I heard it right. Macie was missing out because the government saw these children as NUMBERS not the beautiful little miracles that they are.

And then and there....I realised that this is when I need to fight. This is my purpose in life. To fight for Macie, and every other deaf child and their family. The service that we are receiving from Australian Hearing is just not up to par, is not family friendly and most importantly, the kids are NOT benefitting from it.

So - I am going to advocate for everyone. I am going to go higher up the chain and fight for more funding for our AH branch. I dont care if I have to go to Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott. I will get more funding - no matter what. There is no way that Macie is going to miss out because the government is doing a bodgy job maintaining the needs for this branch.

So I made the decision.........I am going to fight.....and never stop until the kids get what they deserve.....and that is care, service and ALL times.