Monday, April 5, 2010

The greatest compliment of all....

Yes - I am gloating about my little angel....

Baby Moo met so many new people over the Easter break. She met family friends, strangers, children, etc - and she just loved every moment of it. Everyone she met fell in love with her smile and her happiness - they would tell me that she is beautiful, happy and I would simply say to myself 'I know!!'.

But the greatest compliment of all were comments like 'she is so alert', 'she follows every sound', 'she responds to your voice', 'she is so advanced for her hearing impairment'. And that just made me so proud of my little girl.

My sister (A teacher of the deaf) was just amazed with Moo's ability to pick up any new trick that was taught to her. She was playing Peek-A-Boo within minutes of being shown, poking tongues with her Poppy and giving kisses to anyone after her Granny taught her!! She searches for the voice that is speaking in a conversation and listens intently, she smiles when she is spoken to and then will most times speak back!

It taught me that I made the right decision with choosing her hearing aids. I could have chose the fashionable type - the smaller, cuter aids. But instead I chose the aids which were bigger, bulkier....and all because they focus on voices and sounds while eliminating background noise. To see the difference in Macie's awareness since she has been given her hearing aids.....just shows me that the BIG IS BEST!!

So after the greatest compliment of all - what I knew already was confirmed. Nothing is going to hold Baby Moo back. The world is her oyster....and nothing like being hearing impaired is going to stand in her way! And to see this and hear this from my family and friends.....was the proudest moment yet of my Mama career!

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  1. That is a good thing that you can use your experiences with hearing aids to help choose your daughters aids! I had no clue what was what when choosing my childrens aids so I pretty much just went with the audiologists choice.