Saturday, April 24, 2010

My To-Do List

I am putting my creative shoes on and going to get busy with all the little projects I have seen on all of these amazing blogs! I feel like I need some things to get me busy so here goes....

1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this couch table that Life as Lori has made! I am determined to make one for my bathroom as I have been looking for one for AGES! I have neeever worked with wood, nails, etc so I may make it a Mr H & Mama Butterfly project!! Yeehaa!!

2. I am going to make some more matching bibs and burp cloths for Baby Moo!! Being a happy chucker, teething plus being the worlds messiest baby is prooving to be a challenge for me to keep the bibs up to her!

3. I absolutely love these Applique shirts by Aly & Ash Creations! I am going to make Macie a few shirts with Tinkerbell, Bambi, Butterfly and Dragon Fly! I may even get SUPER creative and make a buschka doll!!

4. This book box is AMAZING and will be perfect for Moo's room with her growing collection of gorgeous books! I found the idea from Crafts by Courtney!

5. My laundry basket is looking particularly sad at present so I am going to do a makeover with some gorgeous black & white fabric that I bought YONKS ago from Ikea! I saw the fantastic idea from Crafts by Courtney! She is so CREATIVE!!

6. My jewellery is currently in a huge knot so I am going to make myself a Jewellery Board just like this one at On My Side of the Room!


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