Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Making Progress!

Recently, I contacted the Principal Audiologist for Paed. Services at Australian Hearing in Melbourne to voice my concerns over the service and care that our local centre is providing children and their families - in particular - MY FAMILY.

I asked for answers to the rudeness I was receiving from the reception staff, the resistance with appointments, the delays with receiving moulds, the lack of plans in place for our audiologist's maternity leave and most importantly, the apparent lack of funding for the Paed. Audiologist.

Almost immediately, I received a response confirming that my e-mail will be acted upon and the issues will be ironed out. I rang the Audiologist to introduce myself and fell in love with her. She is fantastic! I can now can see light at the end of our tunnel of struggles!

The most important thing she told me though - is to continue using polite assertiveness towards the staff as it is my job to fight for Moo - as I am Moo's advocate to ensure she receives the care and service she deserves.

So, when the going gets tough and you feel like you can't fight the higher authorities - just remember that you are doing what is RIGHT! You are fighting for your children - you are advocating when they don't have the voice to do it themselves. My Mama did this for me all those years ago and now it is my job to do it for Moo.

So there is light at the end of the tunnel - and also a beautiful life for my beautiful family.

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  1. That's great you were able to get a positive response. I hope they take your suggestions and things get a lot easier for you and Moo!

  2. Thanks Joey. I cant wait to hear back from the Audio to see how things went. I am hoping that it wont get personal as I dread going to the centre now so I dont want it to get harder! Love your post today - your commentator application is very tricky!! x

  3. We've had some difficulties with our audiologist too. She wouldn't help me when I needed her help to get Miles on an IEP. And it took 4 tries to get my daughters earmolds the right color. Not a big deal but I think the audiologist was trying to make my daughters earmold color a discreet color while we wanted something pretty and showy.

  4. Hi Ericka. It's hard when the audiologists make it difficult for us. We received our ear moulds today and they have been made with HARD acrylic when it is usually soft - allowing for the mould to move a bit easier if the ear grows. I am yet to call them.....!
    What colours are your daughters moulds? My sister & I never had these fun choices that the kids do now! I am sure it makes the process so much fun for them! xx