Sunday, April 11, 2010

Please meet my new friend Jenni....

I have a new best friend....her name is Jenni - she is a bit old, not so pretty and a bit creaky....but I think she is beautiful. A diamond in the rough.

I recently aquired my Mama's old Janome sewing machine which I have affectionately named Jenni. So Jenni & I got our creative shoes on this week and started to make some little treasures.

Bear in mind that I have not sat in front of a sewing machine for about 10 years - since my Home Economics class where we had to make a pencil case and I vividly remember my teacher nearly pulling her hair out trying to teach me. I always lost the thread with the first sew, would get the bobin thread tangled and would ALWAYS break the needle. So.....with this behind me - I decided to try it again....and what a success!

After being completely inspired by some very creative ladies on their blogs - I decided to start with something simple. It was our little friend Ellee's birthday (next door neighbours) this week so we decided to make her a necklace....

Ellee's fav colour is pink so this was a big hit with the little princess. Her sister Salli-Anne always gets a bit jealous when it's Ellee's birthday so I decided to make her one too (naughty I know!).

And to top it off, it was their older sister Sam's birthday too last week so I decided to make her something ultra special. Sam is a great little artist so I made her a pencil role with coloured pencils. Being my first REAL project - it wasn't the best, the ribbon is uneven...I could go on for days about what is wrong with it - but on a positive note - I did it!!

I was pretty chuffed with myself - 3 projects in one week! Jenni and I had a great old time and I really enjoyed the concept that my Mama sewed creations on the same Janome for me as a child all those years ago!

It appears that I have been bitten by the sewing bug because I just couldnt stop! After looking at Baby Moo after dinner time for the past few nights I have realised that I just need more bibs! She just has to be the MESSIEST kid ever!

So I set out to make her some bibs....and I am ULTRA chuffed about these. I think they are ULTRA cute and ULTRA stylish! Moo thinks they are pretty great too!!


  1. Your projects look lovely! I have a sewing machine collecting dust in the closet and a little girl bound and determined to get me to make her a dress. I can hardly sew a straight line!

  2. There are no straight lines here....but I like to call them shabby and made with love!! Blow the dust off your never know - you may fall in love with it! I did! xx

  3. Ahh - you and Jenni are getting along just fine, I can see!!
    Glad to see that you have your clever pants on.
    SOOOO satisfying, eh??
    Love the pikkies of you and hubby too. *gush*

    xx Amy