Thursday, April 8, 2010


Moo was cheeky times I wasnt looking, she would grab her ear and consequently her hearing aid - and then inspect it....with her MOUTH! Oh No!!!

I caught her numerous times and managed to get a few moments on camera! No matter how many times I said 'NO MOO - That does not go in your mouth' - I was greeted with a cheeky smile and a look as if to say 'Whatever Mama!'.

I remember the stories my Mama told me of times when I didn't want my hearing aids in. I would be ultra-cheeky too and hide my hearing aids in sandpits, toy boxes - absolutely anywhere I could think of. My poor Mama wouldn't realise until we had got home and then would proceed to pack us back in the car and go to search the park where we were playing or the kindy we were attending. Back in those days, we didnt have the choice of coloured hearing aids and they were all the standard looking for beige hearing aids in the sand was not a pleasant moment for my Mama. But she always found them - and we never went a day without them.

She would also tell me stories of how we would jump in a pool without taking them out, or we would take them out and then not put them back in so they would sit outside in the rain or the dew. Or we would be playing with waterbombs and get hit in the head and they would be wet.....Needless to say - we were always doing something we shouldn't be doing with our hearing aids....and causing my Mama plenty of grey hairs.

So, as I put Moo's hearing aids back in for the tenth time today, I found myself laughing. Karma is such a terrific thing isn't it! I put my Mama through hell when I was a child - so imagine what Moo is going to do to me!!!

Oh the joys!! But I wouldnt change it for the world. Not when these innocent eyes are looking at me!


  1. She is adorable! My little guy is almost 3 and still thinks those earmolds are a great thing to chew on. Luckily though, he only does it when he's tired now.

  2. beautiful girl. enjoy your weekend with the Mr.
    xx Amy