Monday, April 12, 2010

The love of my life.....

Two years ago I married my Mr H - my lover, my soul mate and my best friend. Life with Mr H is what life should be. Full of love, happiness and laughter. Full of confidence that we will survive the tough times and cherish the good times. Mr H has given me the ultimate blessing - our baby Moo who continues to enrich our lives daily.

Mr H and I met on a flooded river 8 years ago when I travelled to visit his sister for one night over the Easter break. It was raining and consequently, I was flooded in for 5 days. As corny as this sounds - I will never ever forget when I first saw Mr H. I dont know if it was love at first sight - but I did know that I had to get to know this handsome man. I wonder if there were cupids flying around that day - because it was definitely like the arrow hit the heart and pierced it! It was 6 months later that we realised that we had mutual feelings - he finally blew my breath away and kissed me and I asked 'What exactly do you want??.....he replied with 'I want you!'. From then on....he had me!

Mr H moved to live in the city where I was living and working and after 3 years he begged for us to move back to the country where the air is cleaner and the people are friendlier. So, we packed up, moved, got married, had Baby Moo and never looked back.

I love you Mr H - today, tomorrow and always.

On a funnier note - after looking through my wedding photos - I found this HILARIOUS shot.

While saying our vows, my bridesmaid Stephanie decided that my veil wasn't sitting right so went to fix it - as bridesmaids do! When she went to flick it - the veil went flying and our photographer managed to capture the moment. Isn't it such a terrific photo! When it all happened - you should have heard the congregation all go 'OH NOOOOO' - but it was then when Mr H & I started laughing our heads off that everyone laughed for what seemed like eternity.

As I look at this photo - I realise that it is a true reflection of our relationship. When the bad things happen - we try to look at it and appreciate everything we have got! Any other bride would have FREAKED - but instead Mr H & I found it hilarious! Who cares if my veil came off and our vows were created such a great memory and saw everyone have a good ol laugh - even if it was at our expense!

As they say....some things just happen for a reason.


  1. You were a beautiful bride! That's such a great candid moment - happy anniversary!

  2. Hi Hannah,
    I just left a comment for you over at Sunny Mummy on facebook :) I am wondering if your beautiful wedding was held at St Patricks Cathedral in Toowoomba? It looks familiar :)