Friday, April 2, 2010

To fight or not to fight....

We had an appointment with Australian Hearing on Wednesday after the drama that they put me through on Tuesday. I walked in there with my head held high, a smile on my face and ready to fight. The reception girls refused to look at me and instead sent the 'fix it' man to greet me at the desk. It's unfortunate for that just gave me more will to fight.

Eventually we met with our audiologist and she got in first - the reception staff told her 'their version' of the story so I was officially classed as the 'Super-pushy, dramatic, emotional, all-of-the-above Mum!'. Yay for me!

However, I stuck to my guns and asked for answers - answers for lack of appointment availability, answers for resistance from the reception staff, answers for why Macie is missing out because there are no appointments, answers for rudeness, answers for cancellation of appointments. And more importantly, answers for why the moulds are taking so long....

In the end, I was told that the reason why I am experiencing all these problems is because of LACK OF FUNDING. The government is only funding the branch for an audiologist to be in the office for 2 DAYS. My blood boiled - and I asked for clarification....yep - I heard it right. Macie was missing out because the government saw these children as NUMBERS not the beautiful little miracles that they are.

And then and there....I realised that this is when I need to fight. This is my purpose in life. To fight for Macie, and every other deaf child and their family. The service that we are receiving from Australian Hearing is just not up to par, is not family friendly and most importantly, the kids are NOT benefitting from it.

So - I am going to advocate for everyone. I am going to go higher up the chain and fight for more funding for our AH branch. I dont care if I have to go to Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott. I will get more funding - no matter what. There is no way that Macie is going to miss out because the government is doing a bodgy job maintaining the needs for this branch.

So I made the decision.........I am going to fight.....and never stop until the kids get what they deserve.....and that is care, service and ALL times.


  1. Hello! I just found your blog. Two of my children are hard of hearing. I would love to hear more about your experiences growing up hard of hearing!

  2. Hi Ericka. I am so glad you found my blog. I will definitely add some stories of my childhood. How old are your little ones? xx

  3. My oldest is 10 and he is hearing. My daughter is 6 and has mild to moderate loss and my baby boy is 2 and has a mild loss. You can read more about them at

  4. Hi, I came across your blog from LWS-Amy. My daughter is hearing impaired and I have had awful battles with Australian Hearing. Ive tried to look for another provider. It's the staffs rudeness, cancellations and moving appointments around, their inability to be able to accept we work and have to schedule time off to attend, have other children at school who need care, the 6 hr drive turn around, six month wait for next appointment, the rude receptionist who looks over her glasses at you (you know the one), their lack of compassion, and whilst in waiting area you have to listen to their rudeness to others on the telephone. Its been 10 years of this for us, and still the anguish and uncertainty of knowing what is best for your child is as fresh to us as the very first day we were tossed a form over the desk to confirm our fears. Sorry about this vent, but it makes me furious. When I find an alternative Ill let you know. My daughters chooses her aid colour and always chooses purple!!! Nat