Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project One....Completed!

In between dishing out copious cuddles and kisses for a Teething Baby Moo - I managed to complete my first project off my 'To-Do List'.

I figured I would go with a challenge I decided to do a makeover on my terrible looking laundry basket. It was Mr H's basket before he met me - so would be nearly 9 years old!!

So here it is BEFORE....

It really is so yucky isn't it??

Well after seeing a fantastic post on Made by Courtney, I decided to make a new insert for the basket as it had definitely seen better days. For a person who is definitely learning on the sewing machine - I am super proud of myself! I managed to even sew a circle for the bottom so it looks fantastic!!

In the meantime, I had Sewer Moo wanting to help.....notice the drool from the teeth!!

I then hit the basket with some black spray paint to give it a new look to match my black & white bathroom!

And here it is....

Isn't she beautiful? I am in love with it!

I wish Moo was in love with it - with the onset of teeth - she doesn't love anything except Bonjella and Nurofen. We had lots of tears tonight and finally managed to settle her down for sleep after trying the metal spoon trick. Bloody teeth.....


  1. That looks great. I'm all inspired now. Guess whats getting a makeover once we move.

  2. I am going to put bets on the Laundry Basket for sure!! ;) xx