Monday, May 31, 2010

Hear and Say Centre

After much deliberation, Mr H and I have finally decided the pathway that we want to head for Moo's Early Intervention. We had the choice of going with Education Queensland or the Hear and Say Centre - and we have chosen the Hear & Say Centre. We have our inital interview this week by phone and admittedly, we are excited.

Hear and Say offer such a terrific service and it is all privately owned and more importantly, generously funded by XStrata Mining. We do have to pay a levy for each term - however this includes weekly Skype lessons for Moo and I with a teacher and also a resource box which is sent to us weekly!

Moo's program will use the Auditory-Verbal method which means that Mr H and I will be very much involved in Moo's therapy. It will also focus on ensuring Moo develops clear and correct spoken language skills using listening as the primary pathway and adding in lip-reading only when really needed. This will give Moo the oppurtunity to develop very normal speech production as well as age-appropriate language and grammar.

It was a hard choice and also a frustrating choice. Obviously due to my sister being a Teacher of the Deaf with Education Queensland - I just assumed we would go down this path with them. However, after many e-mails and phonecalls - it became apparent that EQ are currently understaffed due to various reasons and we were asked to drive to Warwick weekly/fortnightly for the Early Intervention classes. That would mean another 400km round trip in the car for Moo weekly....something that didn't tickle our fantasy AT ALL. We were really disappointed that an AVT for Hearing Impaired was not offered to us.....but my sister was even more disappointed.

She has spent many hours, days and weeks on the roads visiting parents in far west Queensland to offer them assistance and support for these gorgeous hearing impaired children and their families. Some weeks she would drive thousands of kilometres - all for the kids. The one thing that kept her going was the fact that she was making a difference in their lives - and making a difference with Education Queensland. Then to hear that her own neice could not be given the service by an AVT for Hearing Impaired really upset her.

So, lets hope that the Kevin Rudd Government pull their fingers out of every pie and start focusing on the important things - education and health.....both which are severely underfunded and understaffed.

In the meantime, I want to do a shout out to my beautiful sister Emma. Thank you for the e-mails and phone calls to try and obtain a service for Moo. You are such a beautiful, kindhearted person and Moo is ultimately blessed for having you in your life. You are a fantastic Teacher of the Deaf and the kids are so lucky to have you as their are we for having you in our lives. Love you to the Moon & Back! xx

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yes - that's right - my giveaway offer is still standing!

We need to get upto 50 followers and I will do an extra special giveaway for the lucky follower.

I know there are a few sneaky come on - you have to be in it to win it!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dear Mr Mouse

Dear Mr Mouse

Please consider this small note as confirmation that I am now declaring war against you and your little stinky furry friends. Why is it you feel the need to reside under my dishwasher and in my sink cubpboard? I am sick of smelling you and your foul smelling friends everytime I turn my dishwasher on and heat you up!

I understand that our cottage is nice, warm and cosy.....but you are NOT welcome....not now, not ever. This is not up for discussion or compromise.

Lucky you like Peanut Butter.....especially on my sneaky mouse traps. It is like music to my ears to hear the 'SNAP' of the means I am winning this war. I will not surrender until I know that you and your little gang are out of this cottage for good.

It's war out....this is one Mama you don't want to mess with.

Yours Faithfully
Mama Butterfly

** Note to readers - the photo is not my trap! I only have one or two sneaky mice!!**

Friday, May 28, 2010

An award to make my day....

The beautiful Joey from Big Teeth & Clouds has made my day! She has awarded me along with 6 other bloggers - a Beautiful, Versatile and Gorgeous Blogging Award! How lovely is that!

Be sure to visit Joey's blog - it's a beautiful snippet of her beautiful life! She constantly inspires me to advocate for Moo and our constant battle with services for Australian Hearing. Thanks Joey!

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sharing a laugh....

I read a terrific guest blog post today about "The Doctor of Lady Parts" and just have to share it. A friend of mine and I had a very funny conversation about this recently - and with this blog post combined - it had me rolling on the floor laughing because it is just SO true!

So - sit back with a glass of wine and have fun exploring "No Missed Oppurtunities" - and more importantly have a laugh!

I know that is certaining brightened my day!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Licence to Parent....

Yesterday was such an amazing day. It was the kind of day where I was bursting with pride, love and adoration. Baby Moo never ceases to amaze me with her patience and co-operation with anything involving her hearing and I love her for it!

Moo breezed through her 7 month testing. She responded to the majority of noises and there has been no change with her hearing loss. As far as I am concerned - no change is GREAT! She loved the audiologists, adored the puppets and amazed the staff by how alert she really is! I was told that she was one of the best babies they have ever tested!

Moo and I were especially lucky to have the amazing support from my Mama and sister during the testing. They are such an amazing support base for us and I wouldn't know what to do without them. With them both combined (Mama with all her experience of raising 2 hearing impaired children) and my sister who is a Teacher of the Deaf - they are our mentors and such terrific role models for Moo.

I found that while putting her to bed last night - I hugged and admired her beautiful face for a lot longer than usual. I saw me in her - and it brought a beaming smile to my face. Moo is going to be the kind of girl that wont let anything step in her way...and I am so proud.

Then to finish off the day, whilst watching Grey's Antamony - there was a strong message....

"Parenting is the most important job in the world. You probably should need a license to do it but then most of us probably wouldn't even pass the written exam. Some people are naturals-- they were born to do it. Some have other gifts. But the good news is biology dictates you don't have to do it alone. You can waste your whole life wondering, but the only way to find out what type of parent you'd be is to finally stop talking about it and just do it.

It struck a cord with me. I always hesitated about being a Mama - always waiting for that 'right' time! But in the end, we stopped talking about it and just did it....and our lives have been enriched as a result. But it also struck a cord with me and brought a lump in my throat for all those couples who just want 'to do it' but life just doesn't want to co-operate with them. These are the couples who would pass the written exam of parenting with flying colours and make the A-Grade Parents we all admire.

So tonight - spare a thought for these people and if you feel like it - say a little prayer and wish them for all the happiness they deserve. I know if I COULD make it all better for them - I definitely would.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The BIG 7 month test.....

I can't believe that my Baby Moo is now 7 months old. It only feels like yesterday that I was lying in the Labour Ward meeting her for the first time and experiencing a new found type of love. 7 months down the track - she is our ultimate blessing. She challenges us daily but she also makes us laugh and smile daily too!

**If this photo doesn't make you smile - go back to bed and get out on the other side!**

With her 7 month birthday - comes another milestone....Her first REAL hearing test. We have had plenty of neurosensory tests where they plug her up to everything possible and monitor her brain activity....but the test this week is the kind where it is all up to Moo. She will have to concentrate and respond to these noises ALL BY lets hope she agrees to perform!

The test is actually a Puppet Show - imagine the likes of Sesame Street. They use the puppets and obviously noises to test Moo's reaction times, etc. I vividly remember having these tests when I was younger so I am excited to see how they have changed the process in the past 24 years!!

So as I pack the car and get ready to leave - I find myself thinking about our journey since Moo was fitted with her hearing aids. She has done so well - facing all adversity to be the beautiful happy gorgeous little girl she is. I laugh at the fact that I actually get annoyed at people making noise while she is sleeping in the case that they wake her up (you would never believe how sensitive she is to noise!) and then my heart drops a little when I think of the fights with Australian Hearing.

But the most exciting thing yet to report on is.....Moo is starting to say 'Mum - Mum - Mum'! The only thing in her way is her tongue! To think that she is hearing these noises and experimenting with her just so exciting for Mr H & I....along with the rest of the family!

So don't wish us luck....Moo won't need it! Whatever happens - happens.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What a week!

I found myself reflecting today as I drove home from town. I had just hand-delivered a special order to a customer and ran into heaps of friends with their gorgeous bubs that I just wanted to cuddle and squeeze! It was pouring with much-needed rain(more on that later), Baby Moo was fast asleep and content in the back and then I looked up to the sky to see the most beautiful rainbow....and it was just the perfect ending to a perfect week.

The Dalli Cottage Collection has taken off. I have 120 Likers on my Facebook page, over 18 orders and so much love and support. The best moment yet was receiving an order requesting just about every item available! Nat is definitely Dalli's NO #1 fan! :) Our spare bed is covered in orders - shoes, bibs, onesies! It's such a beautiful sight.

Without all the love, support and encouragement - Dalli would have never have taken off. I have lots of people to be thankful for - especially my beautiful Mr H and Baby Moo.

For the first time in a long time, I have felt like everything just fell into place...I received an e-mail from an old school friend offering to be my graphic designer to create the Dalli logo and lots of other goodies (WATCH THIS SPACE - SO EXCITING! ), a very special Mummy offering me accounting advice, another special friend offering me business advice and lots of people overloading me with support. It just all FEELS right.

And then to top it off - I have received numerous e-mails regarding my blog. People feel engaged to read, addicted for another post, inspired by my journey and proud of how far I have come. Comments like these provide me with the will to continue to blog - even though I am strapped for time!! If I can brighten your day, inspire you to get our your PJ's (Liz!), make you smile and maybe even laugh....then I am happy to blog for you all!

So after a week like this....I am going to take some Sunny Mummy advice and log off for the weekend to spend some well-deserved time with my beautiful family. I am taking it as an oppurtunity to recharge my batteries for another busy week next week - involving trips to Brisbane for Moo's 7 month hearing test!

So it's farewell from me until Sunday....I am going to catch some ZZZZ's!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flat Chat.

This is going to be short - I am flat chat.

Since posting my photos on The Dalli Cottage Collection page - I have had 17 orders equaling to over $400 in just 6 days.

I am so excited, humbled and just plain chuffed with the response. I knew they were cute but I never knew I would get so much support....and consequently so many orders.

I am contemplating doing a Mama Butterfly bib - and donating a certain amount from each sale to Loud Shirt - raising money for Deaf Babies. What do you think?

Here are a few of my latest creations....

PS Dont be afraid to leave a comment....i LOVE comments!

PPS Only 10 followers to go before a GIVEAWAY!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finding the time....

After another week of Macie being without hearing aids - my patience with our local hearing centre is growing thin. Since Macie was diagnosed at 3 months - she has been without her hearing aids for 3 weeks - due to problems with Australian Hearing....and it's simply not good enough.

I have tried everything to obtain better service and a faster turn around for her moulds....but it appears that my complaints have landed on deaf ears....pardon the pun!

Last week I received an e-mail from our hearing support facilitor advising that the majority of parents are meeting this resistance and delays from our centre. She confirmed that due to the introduction of the Healthy Hearing Screening Test at birth, there is now a number of babies being diagnosed with a hearing loss. Consequently, the government have not allowed for sufficient funding to cover this new demand. She suggested that I write a letter to voice my concerns to the necessary government officials.

My first response was 'What is one letter going to do?'. My next response was 'I haven't got the time'.

It is then that I looked at Moo and realised that her future is in my hands. It is time to fight no matter how much TIME it took....I must FIND the time.

So instead of writing ONE letter - I have done a shout out to all the families on the Aussie Deaf Kids forum and invited them to join me in our petition and our DEMAND for more funding. Today, I am doing a shout out to all my loyal readers - and asking you all (if it relates to you of course!) if you would like to join me in my quest.

Along with my Government Funding Quest - I am also embarking on a 'Find more Time' Quest to fit in all of my responsibilities and also my new little business which is taking off!! So, if anyone knows where to find more time....then all comments are definitely welcome!

So, yes, I have decided to fight - and I hope you do too. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Simple Things....

Our weekend was one of those ones where it made me sit back and appreciate the simple things in life....

Things like early morning cuddles in bed with my gorgeous family.

Or late nights working on The Dalli Cottage Collections first week of orders....

Or mooching on the couch in our PJs and drinking coffee until late in the morning....

Or getting productive in the garden and finalising our Dalli Cottage Vege Garden! (HOORAY FOR HOMEGROWN GOODNESS!)....

Or a coffee with friends in the winter sun to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Or a yummy lunch with a glass of wine with Mr H....

and to finish it all off....a great dinner with friends with laughs for the entree, main and dessert!

I had a great that made me appreciate the simple things in my beautiful was your weekend?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What is YOUR dream?

Many months ago, I vividly remember speaking with my Mama about Jessica Watson and her dream to sail the world solo. I thought she was nuts, but more importantly I thought her parents were even nuttier. I was pregnant with Baby Moo and I could not even imagine sending Moo off to sail the seven seas - only sixteen years of age and having just crashed into a container ship. I was adamant that her parents were crazy and irresponsible. Why would they intentionally put their child at risk?

Today I found myself doing a complete 360 on my opinion as I watched the footage of Jessica Watson's homecoming. Here I was glued to the television crying at her achievement and sobbing when I saw her reunited with her parents.

It's simple - Jessica is an inspiration to EVERYONE.

She has proved to not only the nation - but the world -that she could do it - even with all the negativity plaguing her journey. When she stepped on that boat all those months ago - she was classed as a LUNATIC in my household. However, as she stepped off The Pink Lady today - Jessica along with her parents are our new inspiration.

As I always say - parents mould their children. Jessica would never be the confident, courageous, brave and beautiful young lady she is today without the guidance from her parents. Even with their fears of letting their child sail around the world solo - they stood by her, letting her pursue her dream. They put their fears aside which is such a mammoth thing to do as a parent.

Today, Jessica inspired me, and no doubt many other people to FOLLOW YOUR DREAM. She taught us to never let anything stand in the way - even if it is as big as a container ship! She taught us that never let another person's opinion stomp on YOUR dream....even if it that opinion is on the TV, Radio, Internet and Newspapers.

But more importantly, she taught her parents to believe in her and let her pursue her dream - even with all the risks involved. Her entire family has taught us that love and support can go a long way to shape a girl into a strong, courageous and beautiful young lady....something we hope that Baby Moo will be one day.

So, as you all go to sleep feeling inspired from The Watson Family tonight....ask yourself a simple question....


Making some progress....

With some new found self-confidence - I have taken the leap. I have decided on a business name and have set up a Facebook page to house my collections.

So, I proudly introduce The Dalli Cottage Collection. Find me on Facebook and have a look at my creations that are unique and made with love. I love them - and I hope you do too.

I am off to spend the weekend in the garden with my beautiful little trio. Thankfully Monster Moo has vacated the premises and we have our gorgeous happy Baby Moo back! Hooray! We intend to make a vege garden filled with only the best....but snuggling in our PJS on the couch sounds so delightful doesn't it?

In other news, we are upto 22 followers so we are getting closer to the 51 Blog GIVEAWAY! Remember - You have to be in it to win it! Yes - that means you EMMA B - join up and be one of my beautiful followers. xx

Friday, May 14, 2010

She's Back.....

After being attacked with her 6 month needles yesterday and with the dreaded four teeth teasing her with their 'Up & Down' routine - Monster Moo decided it is time for a visit! Boy o Boy - is she making her presence HEARD!

We have the tears, tantrums, grizzles and grouches - no smiles whatsoever - not even with the happy it must be serious!!

So I am in 100% Mama Mode and the hugs and kisses are on demand for my beautiful baby Moo. I dutifully negotiated with Mr H this morning and proposed that I will go on the tractor and he can play Mama for the day. He looked at me and then looked at Moo who was at the onset of another hissy fit....and then informed me that he couldn't accept my offer as he didn't think it was fair to send me out in the caring and thoughtful of him! ;)

So hopefully Monster Moo's visit will only be brief....otherwise I think there may be an eviction notice on the horizon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Can you believe that I have written 51 blogs? FIFTY-ONE?

Fifty-One blogs but only 11 beautiful followers?

I think that this calls for a giveaway....yep - my FIRST giveaway......but as usual there are some terms and conditions! Whats life without the good 'ol terms and conditions?? :)

If we can get upto 51 FOLLOWERS to match my 51 Blog Giveaway in the next week - then I will do my very FIRST giveaway - a mystery prize - including heartfelt country goodness and perhaps something homemade from yours truly!

So get cracking - spread the word of Mama Butterfly and ask them to come and follow my journey - the Mama that wants to spread the LOVE, inspire you and make you smile and maybe even laugh!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Loud Shirt Day...

I have a case of the guilts. It's 'Loud Shirt Day' on Friday which is a cause raising money for deaf babies....and I haven't organised a thing! To be honest with you - I didn't even know about it until I saw a link on Facebook....and I swore to myself that if I had more notice I would have organised a LOUD morning tea with all our friends.

So instead - I will just do a shout out to you all! Friday is LOUD SHIRT day - get your Sunday best out and raise some money and AWARENESS for deaf babies.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creative Block...

So...I am trying to think of a name for my creations.

I am unable to use 'Moochie' - as this has already been taken.

I thought of 'Little Moo' - but that has been taken too.

I liked 'Chickpea' - but no one else does. I liked 'The Red Chook' but no one likes that either.

I have been suggested 'Dalli Patch' but I am not sold.

I am now onto 'Tiny Moo' or perhaps 'Baby Emelda'. I am honestly not happy with either of these though. There werent in my vision....

Cold Wintery Mornings....

I have been creating again....and have made some gorgeous little slippers for Baby Moo.

I am also happy to report that as a result of making these and placing a photo on Facebook - I have received 2 orders! Hooray!

Monday, May 10, 2010

To-Do List....

Do you ever feeling like your 'To-Do' List is NEVER-ENDING??

I do! I have a million projects that I would love to get into....but am lacking the time and the room in my busy life!

I got cracking this morning and sorted through my huge pile of paperwork, sent letters, paid bills, updated addresses (yes we have been here for over 12 months now) and I feel organised in the bookwork department. It probably took me an hour longer than usual as I had Baby Moo trying to eat all my bills!!

And then it dawned on my why I never get through my lists......

It's because I have Baby Moo now following behind me pulling apart everything I have now cleaned!!! What a terror....a very cute terror at that! :)

So....I have sat down and revised my 'To-Do' List.....and catergorised into

* TODAY - book work, reply to e-mails, sewing, washing, ironing, cleaning, mopping, cooking
* TOMORROW - grocery shopping, mowing lawn, etc
* and THE NEXT DAY - this is the longest list of all....I should really call it my 'dream' list!

What's on your To-Do List??

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mama's Day

It is days like these that make you sit back and cherish your beautiful family. Today was my first Mama's Day and I just loved it. I was fortunate enough to celebrate with my Grandma and Mama before coming back to the farm to be spoilt by Mr H.

Mr H had slaved in the yard and shed all weekend to make me a beautiful custom-built archway at the entrance for our garden for my climbing rose. It is absolutely beautiful and I am so proud to say that my Mr H made something from his heart.

But more importantly, he has given me the ultimate gift....he has quit smoking. I nearly cried....I couldn't want anything more than this.

Life is special....and it shouldn't be the special days to make us realise this. I am so thankful for my beautiful family.....what are you thankful for?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I was really sad that I couldn't get to a computer yesterday to blog about this but yesterday was a special day. Yesterday was our angel Jamie's (Mr H's brother) birthday. He would have been 22.

(Pictured here with Mr H and Mr H's sister when Jamie was only 17)

We lost Jamie in a car accident when he was only 18 years old and our lives have never been the same. When we lost Jamie, he took our hearts with him to heaven.

He was the most amazing young man. Anyone who met him - loved him. He oozed friendship, warmth and happiness. He would talk until the cows came home - but when he talked, he would draw you into his story and more importantly, his heart. Jamie seemed old for his age - a very wise, beautiful soul. He definitely made an impact on everyone who was priviledged enough to meet him.

Happy Birthday beautiful boy. We love and think about you every day. As promised, we will continue to live our lives for YOU....but what we would do to have you back in our lives with your gorgeous smile and warm heart. xx

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moochie Collections

Since putting my creative hat on - I have been addicted to making bibs, burp cloths, shoes, shirts and belts for Moo. Consequently, everyone has been commenting on my creations and wanting some too!!

So....I have placed my photos on Facebook and just putting some feelers out there. I have had a lot of comments but not so many orders. Yes - I am feeling a little disheartened....but I must carry on!

I am considering putting some items on websites like or creating an Etsy Shop.....but I may wait a few more days for my friends on Facebook to give me some more comments.

In the they are....WHAT DO YOU THINK??

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Starting a new business....

Calling out for any advice....

Where to start...
Registering business name...
Designing logo....

I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday Leave....

Before I had Baby Moo, I underestimated the job description of being a Mama. I thought it would be like a stroll in the park.

I remember being 40 weeks pregnant, just about to pop and all my Mama friends telling me to soak up the last few days of being 'ME'- being able to go the movies, go for coffee, and able to have a bath without the guilt of knowing that something needs to be done.

And I also rememeber vivdly thinking to myself - 'My life will be blessed once we have children. I can't even begin to imagine feeling like that!'

How wrong was I?

Being a Mama is the MOST important, demanding, rewarding JOB I have ever had - and as I have said before - it's a life-long career.

Never once did I imagine the job of being a Mama to have such a huge job description. I liken it to being somewhat an 'Artist'. It is like the doctor hands you a blank canvas and says 'PAINT IT'.....and that is your child. Your child will be as colourful, as beautiful, as happy, as positive, as creative and as imaginative as YOU want it to be.

Along with that responsibility - you also have the responsibility of your home life, your garden life, your outside friends and family life, and your love life. None of these things can be neglected at any time - otherwise the cracks start appearing and the foundations will start shaking.

Where am I heading with this you ask?

Well, with every are entitled to holiday leave! And that is exactly what I am doing!

I am putting in for a holiday. I am being SELFish and feel liberated for doing it. I have filled in my holiday leave request form and placed it with Mr H to be approved! Just a simple 2 days away with my sister, Mama and friends for my Sister's Hens Weekend. One weekend MOO-FREE is all I have requested.

Do I feel guilty? What kind of Mama would I be if I didn't? BUT - every Mama needs 'ME' time....without ME time there will be no MAMA or WIFEY (Thanks Sunny Mummy for making me realise this!).

Go on - go and fill in your leave form! Every Mama needs a holiday!

And while you fill it out...tell yourself..........I DESERVE IT!!

A meeting with the manager....

As you may all be aware....I opened a can of whoop-ass on our local hearing centre due to a few rude phone calls, difficulty with the appointment process and lots and lots of tears. When I questioned their ethics - they rebutted with a simple comment of 'We don't get enough funding to support all these children'. So guess what? I went higher, and higher and higher - and managed to get the personal e-mail address and telephone number for the Head of Paed. Audiology of Australian Hearing....yep - don't mess with THIS Mama.

Consequently, I now have a meeting with the manager of the hearing centre on Friday. He has requested the meeting....and strangely, I feel nervous and not liberated that I managed to get my voice heard. I feel like I have been called to the principal's office.....and I honestly don't know why.

Obviously due to my contact with the BOSS, I am now being treated like a queen. They are conveniently fitting Macie into any appointment requested and are ever so helpful....but the question is....are they being helpful to every other family? Or just me because I jumped up and down demanding the service they promised?

So I will be spending the rest of the week preparing for this meeting. To gather my notes, my observations, my questions and my vision for this hearing centre. I want to see the centre obtain more funding to support the families and most importantly, the children.

So wish me on how to deal with managers would be greatly appreciated!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sharing a VERY funny moment....

I just HAD to share this with you. It was such a special moment which had Mr H and I in tears with laughter.

Mr H decided that sewing and making clothes, hats, etc is just like his steel fabrication. So he set off to make Moo a hat....declaring that it would be so simple!

After hitting the sewing machine.....this is what he created....

Excuse the Spag Bol face on Moo - but isn't the hat the FUNNIEST thing you have ever seen! I tried to tell him that he was missing a vital part of the hat....BEING THE BRIM (!!!) before he tried it on Moo but he couldn't understand what I meant! Then when I declared the hat an 'Alladin' hat....he then realised....and that is when the giggles started....and then they erupted into LAUGHTER...and then we continued to laugh and laugh and laugh! Moo didn't really think it was that hilarious and then she joined the party and she laughed and smiled too!

It was such a special moment, a happy moment and a FUNNY moment! It's moments like these that make you realise just how lucky you are to have such special people in your life that make you smile, laugh, cry and explode with love!

Just wanted to share....I hope it made you smile and laugh too!! xx

Where to now?

Sorry I have been slack on the blogger front. I suppose I have been suffering a slight case of Blogger-Block.....having a million things to write about....but not knowing where to start.

I have been questioning myself - asking myself 'Which direction do you want your blog to head?' - 'What message do you want to scream?' - 'Do you want to be inspirational, motivational and entertaining?' - 'Do you want to focus on life as a hearing impaired?'- 'Where to now?'

And then I thought........WHY CAN'T I DO EVERYTHING?

I want to share my stories of my childhood as a hearing impaired girl.
I want to share Baby Moo's stories as she continues to develop beautifully.
I want to share my victories and frustrations with trying to obtain more funding for our local hearing centre.
I want to share my love for life - the positive way - the Sunny Way.
I want to share my highs and lows of being both a Mummy and a Wife - the most important jobs in the world.
I want to share my new love for creating.
I just want to SHARE!

So - please dont get upset with me if I ramble one day - and then do a deep and meaningful post the next. I have set myself a goal to do a blog for a year - share with you MY life with MY beautiful family.

Are you ready for the ride of 'my' LIFE? Hold on because my life resembles a rollercoaster - highs and lows....but leaves you screaming for MORE!

Photo from

Saturday, May 1, 2010


After a fairly large human error by AH with Moo's moulds....after 2 weeks....we are finally back on air! When I put the hearing aids in yesterday and turned them on, she immediately swung her head to find where the noises were coming from. Then in true fashion.............she ripped her hearing aids out and put them in her mouth!! So cheeky!

But on a more exciting note....I have been trying to prompt Macie to make the MMMMmmmm noise. My sister (Teacher of the Deaf) realised that she was making these noises so I have been trying to get her to recognise that she is infact making these sounds!

So yesterday it was 'M' Day! MMmmmmUM, MMMMoooo, MMMimi (her granny) and Moo was going so well with these noises. Everything was MMMMMMmmmmm! I was so excited! She would watch my face and listen for the noise and would do exactly the sound that I would do! How clever!