Saturday, May 15, 2010

What is YOUR dream?

Many months ago, I vividly remember speaking with my Mama about Jessica Watson and her dream to sail the world solo. I thought she was nuts, but more importantly I thought her parents were even nuttier. I was pregnant with Baby Moo and I could not even imagine sending Moo off to sail the seven seas - only sixteen years of age and having just crashed into a container ship. I was adamant that her parents were crazy and irresponsible. Why would they intentionally put their child at risk?

Today I found myself doing a complete 360 on my opinion as I watched the footage of Jessica Watson's homecoming. Here I was glued to the television crying at her achievement and sobbing when I saw her reunited with her parents.

It's simple - Jessica is an inspiration to EVERYONE.

She has proved to not only the nation - but the world -that she could do it - even with all the negativity plaguing her journey. When she stepped on that boat all those months ago - she was classed as a LUNATIC in my household. However, as she stepped off The Pink Lady today - Jessica along with her parents are our new inspiration.

As I always say - parents mould their children. Jessica would never be the confident, courageous, brave and beautiful young lady she is today without the guidance from her parents. Even with their fears of letting their child sail around the world solo - they stood by her, letting her pursue her dream. They put their fears aside which is such a mammoth thing to do as a parent.

Today, Jessica inspired me, and no doubt many other people to FOLLOW YOUR DREAM. She taught us to never let anything stand in the way - even if it is as big as a container ship! She taught us that never let another person's opinion stomp on YOUR dream....even if it that opinion is on the TV, Radio, Internet and Newspapers.

But more importantly, she taught her parents to believe in her and let her pursue her dream - even with all the risks involved. Her entire family has taught us that love and support can go a long way to shape a girl into a strong, courageous and beautiful young lady....something we hope that Baby Moo will be one day.

So, as you all go to sleep feeling inspired from The Watson Family tonight....ask yourself a simple question....


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