Friday, May 21, 2010

What a week!

I found myself reflecting today as I drove home from town. I had just hand-delivered a special order to a customer and ran into heaps of friends with their gorgeous bubs that I just wanted to cuddle and squeeze! It was pouring with much-needed rain(more on that later), Baby Moo was fast asleep and content in the back and then I looked up to the sky to see the most beautiful rainbow....and it was just the perfect ending to a perfect week.

The Dalli Cottage Collection has taken off. I have 120 Likers on my Facebook page, over 18 orders and so much love and support. The best moment yet was receiving an order requesting just about every item available! Nat is definitely Dalli's NO #1 fan! :) Our spare bed is covered in orders - shoes, bibs, onesies! It's such a beautiful sight.

Without all the love, support and encouragement - Dalli would have never have taken off. I have lots of people to be thankful for - especially my beautiful Mr H and Baby Moo.

For the first time in a long time, I have felt like everything just fell into place...I received an e-mail from an old school friend offering to be my graphic designer to create the Dalli logo and lots of other goodies (WATCH THIS SPACE - SO EXCITING! ), a very special Mummy offering me accounting advice, another special friend offering me business advice and lots of people overloading me with support. It just all FEELS right.

And then to top it off - I have received numerous e-mails regarding my blog. People feel engaged to read, addicted for another post, inspired by my journey and proud of how far I have come. Comments like these provide me with the will to continue to blog - even though I am strapped for time!! If I can brighten your day, inspire you to get our your PJ's (Liz!), make you smile and maybe even laugh....then I am happy to blog for you all!

So after a week like this....I am going to take some Sunny Mummy advice and log off for the weekend to spend some well-deserved time with my beautiful family. I am taking it as an oppurtunity to recharge my batteries for another busy week next week - involving trips to Brisbane for Moo's 7 month hearing test!

So it's farewell from me until Sunday....I am going to catch some ZZZZ's!


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