Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A meeting with the manager....

As you may all be aware....I opened a can of whoop-ass on our local hearing centre due to a few rude phone calls, difficulty with the appointment process and lots and lots of tears. When I questioned their ethics - they rebutted with a simple comment of 'We don't get enough funding to support all these children'. So guess what? I went higher, and higher and higher - and managed to get the personal e-mail address and telephone number for the Head of Paed. Audiology of Australian Hearing....yep - don't mess with THIS Mama.

Consequently, I now have a meeting with the manager of the hearing centre on Friday. He has requested the meeting....and strangely, I feel nervous and not liberated that I managed to get my voice heard. I feel like I have been called to the principal's office.....and I honestly don't know why.

Obviously due to my contact with the BOSS, I am now being treated like a queen. They are conveniently fitting Macie into any appointment requested and are ever so helpful....but the question is....are they being helpful to every other family? Or just me because I jumped up and down demanding the service they promised?

So I will be spending the rest of the week preparing for this meeting. To gather my notes, my observations, my questions and my vision for this hearing centre. I want to see the centre obtain more funding to support the families and most importantly, the children.

So wish me on how to deal with managers would be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. You're brave! I'm so lame, I would have walked away like a little puppy with it's tail between it's legs! Hope your meeting goes well!

  2. Thanks Raewyn! I don't know if brave is the word!! Will give you the update soon xx