Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flat Chat.

This is going to be short - I am flat chat.

Since posting my photos on The Dalli Cottage Collection page - I have had 17 orders equaling to over $400 in just 6 days.

I am so excited, humbled and just plain chuffed with the response. I knew they were cute but I never knew I would get so much support....and consequently so many orders.

I am contemplating doing a Mama Butterfly bib - and donating a certain amount from each sale to Loud Shirt - raising money for Deaf Babies. What do you think?

Here are a few of my latest creations....

PS Dont be afraid to leave a comment....i LOVE comments!

PPS Only 10 followers to go before a GIVEAWAY!


  1. omg i am in love with the pink fairy stuff in the top photo, they are just super special. keep up the awesome sewing.xo

  2. I think your idea of having a mama butterfly bib with some of the profits going to Loud shirt fundraising is a great idea. Shows the world what a wonderful person you are (we lucky ones that know you personally already know that!)Here's one for you - I BAGS THE SECOND MAMA BUTTERFLY BIB HOT OFF THE PRESS! (first one is for Macie I think!)

  3. Thanks Girls! I promise that Eva will be the proud owner of #2 bib when I get the chance to start creating new designs....when the orders are met! WATCH THIS SPACE!