Monday, May 10, 2010

To-Do List....

Do you ever feeling like your 'To-Do' List is NEVER-ENDING??

I do! I have a million projects that I would love to get into....but am lacking the time and the room in my busy life!

I got cracking this morning and sorted through my huge pile of paperwork, sent letters, paid bills, updated addresses (yes we have been here for over 12 months now) and I feel organised in the bookwork department. It probably took me an hour longer than usual as I had Baby Moo trying to eat all my bills!!

And then it dawned on my why I never get through my lists......

It's because I have Baby Moo now following behind me pulling apart everything I have now cleaned!!! What a terror....a very cute terror at that! :)

So....I have sat down and revised my 'To-Do' List.....and catergorised into

* TODAY - book work, reply to e-mails, sewing, washing, ironing, cleaning, mopping, cooking
* TOMORROW - grocery shopping, mowing lawn, etc
* and THE NEXT DAY - this is the longest list of all....I should really call it my 'dream' list!

What's on your To-Do List??


  1. I've stopped writing the list down. It's a liberating way to stop falling short even though I do still fall short!

  2. the fact that you can work sewing and ironing in is amazing!

  3. The sewing got done....but definitely not the ironing!! Another busy day here as I have just been informed that we are without power for the next 2 days because the electrical company is doing maintenance!! EEEEK!