Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finding the time....

After another week of Macie being without hearing aids - my patience with our local hearing centre is growing thin. Since Macie was diagnosed at 3 months - she has been without her hearing aids for 3 weeks - due to problems with Australian Hearing....and it's simply not good enough.

I have tried everything to obtain better service and a faster turn around for her moulds....but it appears that my complaints have landed on deaf ears....pardon the pun!

Last week I received an e-mail from our hearing support facilitor advising that the majority of parents are meeting this resistance and delays from our centre. She confirmed that due to the introduction of the Healthy Hearing Screening Test at birth, there is now a number of babies being diagnosed with a hearing loss. Consequently, the government have not allowed for sufficient funding to cover this new demand. She suggested that I write a letter to voice my concerns to the necessary government officials.

My first response was 'What is one letter going to do?'. My next response was 'I haven't got the time'.

It is then that I looked at Moo and realised that her future is in my hands. It is time to fight no matter how much TIME it took....I must FIND the time.

So instead of writing ONE letter - I have done a shout out to all the families on the Aussie Deaf Kids forum and invited them to join me in our petition and our DEMAND for more funding. Today, I am doing a shout out to all my loyal readers - and asking you all (if it relates to you of course!) if you would like to join me in my quest.

Along with my Government Funding Quest - I am also embarking on a 'Find more Time' Quest to fit in all of my responsibilities and also my new little business which is taking off!! So, if anyone knows where to find more time....then all comments are definitely welcome!

So, yes, I have decided to fight - and I hope you do too. I look forward to hearing from you!

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