Friday, May 14, 2010

She's Back.....

After being attacked with her 6 month needles yesterday and with the dreaded four teeth teasing her with their 'Up & Down' routine - Monster Moo decided it is time for a visit! Boy o Boy - is she making her presence HEARD!

We have the tears, tantrums, grizzles and grouches - no smiles whatsoever - not even with the happy it must be serious!!

So I am in 100% Mama Mode and the hugs and kisses are on demand for my beautiful baby Moo. I dutifully negotiated with Mr H this morning and proposed that I will go on the tractor and he can play Mama for the day. He looked at me and then looked at Moo who was at the onset of another hissy fit....and then informed me that he couldn't accept my offer as he didn't think it was fair to send me out in the caring and thoughtful of him! ;)

So hopefully Monster Moo's visit will only be brief....otherwise I think there may be an eviction notice on the horizon.

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