Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creative Block...

So...I am trying to think of a name for my creations.

I am unable to use 'Moochie' - as this has already been taken.

I thought of 'Little Moo' - but that has been taken too.

I liked 'Chickpea' - but no one else does. I liked 'The Red Chook' but no one likes that either.

I have been suggested 'Dalli Patch' but I am not sold.

I am now onto 'Tiny Moo' or perhaps 'Baby Emelda'. I am honestly not happy with either of these though. There werent in my vision....


  1. Ahem. What about "Butterfly Mama" !!?????
    Holy Crap - your inventions are SOOO cute. And will go off like rockets in Gundy.

    Why don't you take a couple of things into Vanessa at Nutmeg home? Or if you don't know her well enough - go on a tuesday when Jodie is there - and tell her Amy sent you!

    Nat at Vigour Graphics is good too - and she does all the logo design, etc... Check out style me gorgeous too - you'll squeal.

    If you're into the DIY job - go to vista prints - it's a playground to designing.

    Congrats on your 1st Mothers Day sounds like a great one..

    xx Amy

  2. Hi Amy!

    Don't you just LOVE Style Me Gorgeous? I contacted her but she is booked out and has a waiting list. :( She has referred me to a friend who I in contact with at the moment. I looked at Vigour Graphics too as I LOVED your logo!

    Just putting some feelers out at the moment and then will start getting more serious about contacting shops, etc.

    Your photos in the US of A look so lovely and Gretta looks like she is loving her cuddles with her granny! Enjoy yourselves.


  3. PS Can you believe that Mama Butterfly is taken too with a business that has kids clothes, etc!!

  4. Oh pest...I liked Moochie. I think Butterfly Mama is a great idea for a name. Yay...how exciting!!

  5. Han, 'Dalli Patch' does have a good ring to it, but as you said you have to be sold on it to make your business adventure work. I am positive that you will come up with the perfect name in due time.