Monday, May 3, 2010

Where to now?

Sorry I have been slack on the blogger front. I suppose I have been suffering a slight case of Blogger-Block.....having a million things to write about....but not knowing where to start.

I have been questioning myself - asking myself 'Which direction do you want your blog to head?' - 'What message do you want to scream?' - 'Do you want to be inspirational, motivational and entertaining?' - 'Do you want to focus on life as a hearing impaired?'- 'Where to now?'

And then I thought........WHY CAN'T I DO EVERYTHING?

I want to share my stories of my childhood as a hearing impaired girl.
I want to share Baby Moo's stories as she continues to develop beautifully.
I want to share my victories and frustrations with trying to obtain more funding for our local hearing centre.
I want to share my love for life - the positive way - the Sunny Way.
I want to share my highs and lows of being both a Mummy and a Wife - the most important jobs in the world.
I want to share my new love for creating.
I just want to SHARE!

So - please dont get upset with me if I ramble one day - and then do a deep and meaningful post the next. I have set myself a goal to do a blog for a year - share with you MY life with MY beautiful family.

Are you ready for the ride of 'my' LIFE? Hold on because my life resembles a rollercoaster - highs and lows....but leaves you screaming for MORE!

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