Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Holiday Leave....

Before I had Baby Moo, I underestimated the job description of being a Mama. I thought it would be like a stroll in the park.

I remember being 40 weeks pregnant, just about to pop and all my Mama friends telling me to soak up the last few days of being 'ME'- being able to go the movies, go for coffee, and able to have a bath without the guilt of knowing that something needs to be done.

And I also rememeber vivdly thinking to myself - 'My life will be blessed once we have children. I can't even begin to imagine feeling like that!'

How wrong was I?

Being a Mama is the MOST important, demanding, rewarding JOB I have ever had - and as I have said before - it's a life-long career.

Never once did I imagine the job of being a Mama to have such a huge job description. I liken it to being somewhat an 'Artist'. It is like the doctor hands you a blank canvas and says 'PAINT IT'.....and that is your child. Your child will be as colourful, as beautiful, as happy, as positive, as creative and as imaginative as YOU want it to be.

Along with that responsibility - you also have the responsibility of your home life, your garden life, your outside friends and family life, and your love life. None of these things can be neglected at any time - otherwise the cracks start appearing and the foundations will start shaking.

Where am I heading with this you ask?

Well, with every are entitled to holiday leave! And that is exactly what I am doing!

I am putting in for a holiday. I am being SELFish and feel liberated for doing it. I have filled in my holiday leave request form and placed it with Mr H to be approved! Just a simple 2 days away with my sister, Mama and friends for my Sister's Hens Weekend. One weekend MOO-FREE is all I have requested.

Do I feel guilty? What kind of Mama would I be if I didn't? BUT - every Mama needs 'ME' time....without ME time there will be no MAMA or WIFEY (Thanks Sunny Mummy for making me realise this!).

Go on - go and fill in your leave form! Every Mama needs a holiday!

And while you fill it out...tell yourself..........I DESERVE IT!!

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