Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moochie Collections

Since putting my creative hat on - I have been addicted to making bibs, burp cloths, shoes, shirts and belts for Moo. Consequently, everyone has been commenting on my creations and wanting some too!!

So....I have placed my photos on Facebook and just putting some feelers out there. I have had a lot of comments but not so many orders. Yes - I am feeling a little disheartened....but I must carry on!

I am considering putting some items on websites like or creating an Etsy Shop.....but I may wait a few more days for my friends on Facebook to give me some more comments.

In the they are....WHAT DO YOU THINK??


  1. OMG if only my little ones were still little!!! i would def buy them:)

    i saw your post on starting up and your not sure where to start
    if you want to just put feelers out you can add a shop to a facebook page now too its free and paypal only but i think its a great way to get started
    also if you decide to go with your own web page register yourself for an ABN its free and you can then become
    GOOD LUCK i will def be supporting you all that i can <3

  2. Oh thanks Kimmy. I was starting to feel a bit disheartened!

    One question since you are a Biz Babe - if I was to do a logo - does it have to be registered, etc??

  3. im not sure to be honest by logo do you mean just like the sunny mummy pic?

    i havent registered mine im pretty sure if i read right that being an online business you dont have to but please dont quote me on that or we both might be in trouble LOL

    ps im no expert i would love to do a biz babes course but he next one was fully booked im just going on what i did setting mine up :)

  4. Wowzer! Everything is lovely! You don't need anything to start on madeit or etsy. I've just recently got an ABN. You just do it online and get it straight away, but if you first want to see how it goes, then you can just start it without an ABN. Most people get an ABN for buying wholesale fabric etc. There are many many people on madeit and etsy without an ABN or their business name registered. All the best! I think you're going to do great!!

  5. Hi Raewyn! Thanks for the compliments. I have decided to just keep on making little treasures for Macie and if it progresses, then that is a bonus! Thanks for the advice re etsy & abns. xx

  6. I can help you set up an Etsy shop if you need help. You work is great! I have not been active on Etsy for awhile but it paid a lot of bills two years ago.