Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dear Mr Mouse

Dear Mr Mouse

Please consider this small note as confirmation that I am now declaring war against you and your little stinky furry friends. Why is it you feel the need to reside under my dishwasher and in my sink cubpboard? I am sick of smelling you and your foul smelling friends everytime I turn my dishwasher on and heat you up!

I understand that our cottage is nice, warm and cosy.....but you are NOT welcome....not now, not ever. This is not up for discussion or compromise.

Lucky you like Peanut Butter.....especially on my sneaky mouse traps. It is like music to my ears to hear the 'SNAP' of the means I am winning this war. I will not surrender until I know that you and your little gang are out of this cottage for good.

It's war out....this is one Mama you don't want to mess with.

Yours Faithfully
Mama Butterfly

** Note to readers - the photo is not my trap! I only have one or two sneaky mice!!**


  1. UGH. Mice.
    Nasty Nasty Creatures. Good luck with your self declared war. I found the grey traps from Mitre 10 and peanutbutter did the job nicely. I killed 25 in my car last year. FOUL. The kids then had a total ban on eating in my car.
    What a good catch on that trap in the pikky! I'm guessing that they had a few more to catch after that!
    xx Amy

  2. Cat food works even better on the trap!!

  3. I'm going to send you a trap from work we sell. It's not nice but it gets them. Grant and I caught eight outside one night!