Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I was really sad that I couldn't get to a computer yesterday to blog about this but yesterday was a special day. Yesterday was our angel Jamie's (Mr H's brother) birthday. He would have been 22.

(Pictured here with Mr H and Mr H's sister when Jamie was only 17)

We lost Jamie in a car accident when he was only 18 years old and our lives have never been the same. When we lost Jamie, he took our hearts with him to heaven.

He was the most amazing young man. Anyone who met him - loved him. He oozed friendship, warmth and happiness. He would talk until the cows came home - but when he talked, he would draw you into his story and more importantly, his heart. Jamie seemed old for his age - a very wise, beautiful soul. He definitely made an impact on everyone who was priviledged enough to meet him.

Happy Birthday beautiful boy. We love and think about you every day. As promised, we will continue to live our lives for YOU....but what we would do to have you back in our lives with your gorgeous smile and warm heart. xx


  1. He is beautiful. I wish I had known him.

    When my youngest daughter died it changed our lives also. You are a great mama. Bitrhdays are hard and sweet at the same time.


  2. Happy Birthday Jamie! So lovely that you can keep all these good and wonderful memories of him alive!!