Monday, May 24, 2010

The BIG 7 month test.....

I can't believe that my Baby Moo is now 7 months old. It only feels like yesterday that I was lying in the Labour Ward meeting her for the first time and experiencing a new found type of love. 7 months down the track - she is our ultimate blessing. She challenges us daily but she also makes us laugh and smile daily too!

**If this photo doesn't make you smile - go back to bed and get out on the other side!**

With her 7 month birthday - comes another milestone....Her first REAL hearing test. We have had plenty of neurosensory tests where they plug her up to everything possible and monitor her brain activity....but the test this week is the kind where it is all up to Moo. She will have to concentrate and respond to these noises ALL BY lets hope she agrees to perform!

The test is actually a Puppet Show - imagine the likes of Sesame Street. They use the puppets and obviously noises to test Moo's reaction times, etc. I vividly remember having these tests when I was younger so I am excited to see how they have changed the process in the past 24 years!!

So as I pack the car and get ready to leave - I find myself thinking about our journey since Moo was fitted with her hearing aids. She has done so well - facing all adversity to be the beautiful happy gorgeous little girl she is. I laugh at the fact that I actually get annoyed at people making noise while she is sleeping in the case that they wake her up (you would never believe how sensitive she is to noise!) and then my heart drops a little when I think of the fights with Australian Hearing.

But the most exciting thing yet to report on is.....Moo is starting to say 'Mum - Mum - Mum'! The only thing in her way is her tongue! To think that she is hearing these noises and experimenting with her just so exciting for Mr H & I....along with the rest of the family!

So don't wish us luck....Moo won't need it! Whatever happens - happens.


  1. Julia only ever had her hearing tested with the dancing puppets once - we quickly moved to dropping things in a bucket since she was diagnosed at age 3. She misses those puppets!

    Hope she does a good job for you and that was a great picture!

  2. We did the puppets for quite a long time- I think our first one was at 8 months... our little guy used to love the Puppet Show! I think he's a little bummed that he has to do the "drop in the bucket" game now, lol.

    Here's to a cooperative testing day!