Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monster Moo

Macie has a new friend.....her name is Monster Moo.

She is the clingy, cranky, tantrum-throwing, irritable, sleep-deprieved teething MONSTER.

We have asked for Macie to kindly ask her to vacate the premises as there is no room in our cottage for her mean friend.

We have also asked for Macie to have a stern word with her teeth and ask for them to come in PEACE. We are not fully equipped even with the bonjella, nurofen, panadol, teething rings, cuddles and kisses to fight this war.

We dont feel we are asking too much. We have decided if they don't accept our offer - we will tell the teeth to go away and never come back. Teeth are over-rated and Puree is under-estimated.

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