Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cry me a river....

Today was the first day where I grieved at the fact that Macie was hearing impaired.

Today was the first day that I wished that she didn't have to deal with such negative people.

Today was the first day that I cried and cried and cried.

And all because of AUSTRALIAN HEARING.

Yep - they are back at it again. Being the difficult, irritable, unreasonable, unfriendly government agency that they are. They went and cancelled Macie's appointment TOMORROW without giving me the chance to reply to their message and then had the hide to fight with me about it and tell me that they are doing what I asked them too. They said they had made another appointment for the 12th April - so that would mean that Macie wouldn't have new moulds for 2 MONTHS....when she is supposed to get them every 3 weeks. Why would I ask them to do that?

In the end, I just burst into tears over the phone and asked them why they are being so difficult. Why the feel the need to be so difficult when I am simply a Mama who is trying to make sure that her baby's needs are met. Finally, they relented and said that they will have to squueze me in but managed to give me the same time, same place and same day. How convenient?

And then.....I cried a river. I rang my Mama and cried a river, I rang my Mr H and cried a river and then I sat on the couch with my head in my hands and cried a river. With all this crying, Moo thought she better join in so as I held her we both cried together. And then she stopped, placed her hand on my face and smiled. It was her way of telling me.....no more tears Mummy.

Enough tears have been shed. I will go into Australian Hearing with my head held high, dressed for combat and ready for battle with my Mama at my side. I am Macie's advocate - I will do anything I have to. Tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. That sounds so frustrating! It's alright to cry sometimes though - especially when you're having to fight for things that shouldn't be so difficult in the first place. I hope you have a good result when you go to be "squeezed in".