Thursday, March 25, 2010

An honest moment.....

At the moment, I am currently playing the leading role as the 'Farmers Widow'. The one that kisses her husband goodbye for the day before the rooster crows and randomly see him during the day for 10 secs for a kiss or for a top up of food!

I miss my Mr H.....

I miss our early morning snuggles and good morning kisses
I miss sharing our morning coffees while watching and smiling over Baby Moo playing on her mat
I miss our lunch time dates where we happily make our sandwiches together and share our stories from the day
And most importantly, I miss my 5pm time with my Mr H. His knock off time when he comes home to spend time with us. Where he plays with Moochy and then he baths her which is their special play time and they have such a lovely time.

I miss my Mr H. Hopefully things on the farm quieten down so I can have my hubby, my best friend, my sanity home for a little longer....

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