Friday, March 26, 2010

Why do people have to be so DIFFICULT.....

I had a less than sunny moment today.....

We travelled to Toowoomba TWO weeks ago to have Baby Moo's mould impressions done for her hearing aids. As she is so young - we need to have mould impressions done at least every 3 to 4 weeks! So, when it was TWO weeks later and the moulds still hadn't arrived in the mail.........I started to get my cranky pants on.

And, when I called Australian Hearing - all they could tell me was 'They were sent a COUPLE of days ago.' I politely said to them....'Could you give me a date - as I only get mail twice a week....and I live 30km out of town' and the response I got was 'They were sent a couple of days ago!'


I was just furious with them. So after trying to politely end the conversation - I put Macie in the car and off we went to Post Office in town. Surprise Surprise - they were there and thankfully we have some moulds that actually fit her!

I feel sorry for these people who live their life with so much rudeness and negativity! They must miss out on so much love and joy - all because they are so set in their ways and would prefer to wear a frown instead of a smile.

My Mama gave me some very wise words today after I vented to her about my experience.....

'Flies are attracted to sugar and NOT vinegar. Always remain nice - and you may get somewhere with the negative people in your world'.

Unfortunately my Mama met the same resistance from Australian Hearing all those years ago when I was young! It makes me sick that they make our lifes so difficult when we have already been given a hurdle to jump for our children in the first place.

On a more positive note......I got in the Easter Spirit today and made a Country Easter Tree.....I think it's super cute!!

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  1. That sounds terribly frustrating. My daughter wasn't diagnosed until just before she was three-years-old so we've only ever had to get ear molds at four month intervals. You must feel like you're running all over the place to go every 3 weeks!

    I never thought of using grasses to make an Easter tree. That turned out really well! My daughter wanted one, but Easter is really sneaking up on us. I don't think I'll get around to it!