Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No matter how busy....

I am feeling so SUPER DOOPER loved at the moment.

To say that Mr H is busy on the farm is an understatement. He is leaving the house at the crack of dawn and not home until the late hours of the night. But in between spraying, harvesting, loading trucks, moving aurgas, carting grain - he still finds the time to pop in quickly to have a quick dance around the kitchen, give me a kiss and tell me how much he loves me. He then finds Baby Moo to whip her up into the air and showers her in kisses. To see Moo's eyes light up when she sees her Daddy is home - makes my heart want to explode for my beautiful family.

Moo and I are so lucky to have such a beautiful, loving, caring and attentive hubby and daddy. No matter how busy he is - he ALWAYS has time for his family.

We love him more than rainbows.

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