Saturday, March 20, 2010

After a day like today.....

I am sitting here just wondering how am I possibly going to start explaining my day?! And then I look down at myself....I have an orange stain all down my white shirt from Baby Moo's dinner of Carrot, I have our dinner of Lamb Shanks splatted all over my white shirt and cream shorts from when I dropped the shank back in the juices and to top it off, I have baby vomit consistantly on each shoulder, down the front & back of my shirt....yes Baby Moo is a BIG Reflux baby!

I feel and obviously LOOK completely exhausted after a long and hard day of trying to be the best & most attentive Mama to Baby Moo. Mr H is busy at work on the farm and working long hours so it's just the girls at home in our little cottage - and to be honest - today I found looking after Moo from dawn to dusk a challenge. Moo was just in such a cheeky mood today - refusing her sleeps, blowing raspberries in her bottle (which was super cute but a habit I dont want to encourage!), and the list just keeps on going on! Never ever would I have thought that being a Mama and a Wifey would be such a challenge!

And after making the house spotless, washing done, floor vaccumed, dinner cooked - I now look around to find it once again looks know what I am talking about! Oh the joys!! But how I wouldn't change it for the world.......Mr H surprised me and is home for dinner with kisses and cuddles, Baby Moo is fast asleep and I can now have 'me' time.

A simple shower will wash the challenging day away - and tomorrow shall be a new day! And a great day that shall be!

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  1. I have "oh so many" days like that. I guess the important thing is to take the time to notice those little things like the raspberries from your precious one and your kisses and cuddles from Hubby - but sometimes when covered in vomit or poo it's hard to remember!! :)
    Welcome to blogland, my friend!
    xx Amy