Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a beautiful day........

I predicted that today was going to be a better day.......and a fantastic day it was! I was greeted with smiles and giggles from my gorgeous Baby Moo this morning and the cheekiness was gone from yesterday! Hooray!

We had such a lovely day - sang songs, read her favourite books, went down to Ma's house down the road for some sewing tips and cuddles, had nice long naps while I got creative and did some sewing and then supervised some yummy raspberry muffins for Daddy's smoko! And still managed an hour of exercise while Moo slept! So so so much to be thankful for!

The raspberries are continuing but not on the bottle - they are so cute and a new way of communication! With smiles, giggles and raspberries - there isnt much more you can ask for! While I was sewing I noticed that Moo is really starting to try and crawl with her bum up and weight on her knees and hands! My baby is growing up so quickly! And when I didn't think I could get much happier - Mr H popped in sporatically throughout the day for quick kisses & cuddles! How loved do I feel!

Back to the sewing...yes - you heard me right! Yes, I know - I don't sew but all these terrific & talented & creative mummys have given me so much inspiration to get busy with the needle & thread!! So here are a few creations from today....obviously still in progress....

This is a 'hand-me-down' dress which has seen 3 baby girls before Moo! So I decided to spruce it up a bit with some red & white polka dots! Obviously still in progress....

While being in the mood, I also made some pretty ribbon flowers for Macie's shirts....something to make the boring old shirts pretty! As every little girl needs pretty things!!

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  1. great effort - love the polka dots.
    clever ribbon flower too..

    xx Amy