Sunday, March 28, 2010

Guilty as charged.....

I had a moment today where I was frightened, scared, and worried sick. And then the guilt set in. You would NEVER believed what happened.....

While Moo was sleeping - I decided to get creative and make her a set of bunny ears and a little tail to take a photo for our parents as an Easter pressie from Moo. I finished my project, Macie woke up and I tried it on her while Mr H held her. All of a sudden she let out a cry and we laughed - just thinking that she was hating us for dressing her up!

Then we realised her eyes were tearing up, and dramatically her face was becoming covered in a nasty red rash. I mean literally in seconds - the rash was getting worse and her eye was constantly weeping. We nearly had the hospital number dialled in our phone when I let my instinct kick in - and called my Mama instead. She told us to get her in the bath straight away and put a dash of milk in her eye........before I could hang up the phone - Mr H had the bath running...

So we did what Dr Mama said - and the eye stopped weeping and her rash eventually cleared up within the hour. We worked out that the glue wasnt 100% dry and must had caused an allergic reaction.......and it happened that quickly......within seconds.

As she happily played in the bath - I just sat there admiring her while keeping a washer over her forehead - and found myself repeating 'I am so sorry, I am so sorry - I didn't mean to. I would never intentionally hurt you' and she would just smile at me and blow me a raspberry as if to say 'It's OK Mummy - I am all OK now!'.

So - I am guilty as charged. Mr H has politely asked if I could just go and buy some little bunny ears from a cheap shop instead of making more. He admitted that it scared the absolute life out of him - and he was about 5 seconds from putting her in the car and rushing her to town.

I feel so guilty for scaring him, for hurting my baby - all for lousy photo as an Easter Bunny.

It's a Mama thing - and only other Mama's would be able to relate just how guilt can take over.....even with the smallest things.


  1. awful feeling, isn't it?

    all i can say is that it happens to every mama all around the world.

    lets see - on my very 1st mothers day I dropped baxter off my kitchen bench in his bouncy seat to land flat on his head on my tiled floor.

    I also dropped my Monty out of the very same bouncy seat flat on the floor hard enough to have a trickle of blood come out of his nose.

    I can't remember what I've done with Gretta, however, she fell over on her seat while I was away waiting to have Monty and knocked the middle bit of her front teeth out. I cried for 2 hours when I discovered it.

    Mama guilt rips you up, doesn't it.

    But dont worry - your love fixes it all.

  2. The guilt is terrible. You just have to keep in mind that it was an accident and she's fine.

    I still think about how I pinched my baby's finger in the sliding door. I can still see a tiny scar.

    I think it just shows you're a good mum!

  3. I am sure I will have many war stories to share with you as she grows! And no doubt these little situations only make them stronger.....

    We are all fantastic Mummies....I just need to steer clear of the craft glue when it comes to me being creative!! :)