Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sometime during the wee early hours of Saturday, the tooth fairy decided to pay a visit to Baby Moo to deliver not one but TWO little top teeth. To comment that her parents are overjoyed is an understatement as their worries of having a gummy girl were starting to intensify.

Along with her teeth have come a lot of chatter....she obviously wants to tell the world (especially her Mamamamamam and Daddadadadada) that she will now be able to chew on her vegemite toast instead of sucking it!

The teeth didn't come in peace as per her Mama's request....however after ONE long night of tears and LOTS of cuddles from her Daddy (he cuddled her on his chest from 1.30am to 5am) she has been relatively happy and chirpy. Unfortunately, her Aunty Jen and Uncle Grant may not agree with this statement as they came to visit for that ONE night of tears......and consequently Macie has put them off having a child for another 3 or more years as they experience the aftermath of sleep deprivation!

Great to see the Tooth Fairy back on the job. No comment or statement was released from the Tooth Factory as to her whereabouts....perhaps we should speculate.....where do YOU think she has been??

Leave a comment and make Moo smile....you may just get a glimpse of those very special teeth!

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