Thursday, August 12, 2010

I can hear clearly now.....

In the past 6 months I have noticed my hearing decline at a rapid speed. It scared me and I found myself wondering what my 'hearing' future had in store for me. I was saying the usual 'Huh' and 'What' too regularly and consequently driving people insane with having to repeat things!!

Obviously we have been seeing so many specialists with regards to Macie's hearing and much to my annoyance - the conversation always reverted back to me being told that I need to get my hearing tested, my voice sounded flat, blah blah blah. The conversation usually ended with me about to rip the specialists head off and then politely telling them that the appointment was for Macie and not her mother. This is the USUAL outcome - however, unfortunately our ENT's (Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor) comment on Monday was the final straw and as per my Mama's observations....I ripped his head off with my eyes....I was so mad that my Mama actually patted my leg to try and settle me down!

Yes - I know, I try to live the mantra of being happy, living life like Teflon and then with soul. But there are a few things in life that make me angry - and an Angry Hannah is not a pretty sight. My Mama commented that I have such a fiery streak and it's true...but I associate fiery with passionate.

Why was I so mad you ask?

After so many years of speech therapy, tutoring and hearing support....I think that MY speech is great. Just think what it would have been like without all this intervention. I think I have come a long way and instead of being told that I need this and I need that....I suppose I would like to be told by all those specialist that 'Hey Han - you have done such a great job.'

So....I bit the bullet and went for a hearing test. I was nervous - I felt sick. I had the worse case scenario all planned out in my head....the results would say that I need a Cochlear Implant and I would have to learn sign.....yep, I wasn't in a great mental place at all.

Then, I met the most beautiful audiologist EVER - I am her biggest fan.

The first thing Lisa said after I told her my issues was 'You have done so well - your speech determination is fantastic, you should be so proud of yourself'.

I nearly cried.....happy tears of course.

So we popped some new moulds on my hearing aids and had a hearing test....and the results showed that there was no real decline in my hearing as I had suspected. My right ear was getting into Cochlear territory however due to my speech determination being so good - I would never be a candidate (not that I want to be).

So guess what was inhibiting my sound?

MY MOULDS! My tubing had gone hard which was limiting the amount of sound that was coming through to my ears. Obviously the tubing was deteriorating over the past 6 months which made me feel like my hearing was getting worse and worse as the days went on.

So after doing a happy dance and releasing all my bad thoughts - I was then told even better news.

I could get new hearing aids....if I wanted to. Check these babies out....

Aren't they awesome? You can hardly see the mould and the tubing is so thin and unobtrusive. They don't whistle (mine whistle endlessly throughout the day!) and they are water resistant meaning that if I get caught in the rain - it won't be the end of the world!

They come with a hefty price tag of $3350 EACH - so I have started to save. These aren't a necessity....more a luxury and hopefully one day, I will be able to proudly wear them.

After my appointment I was so overjoyed.

Firstly I rang my Mr H to tell him the good news and he was just as excited for me. It never ever occurred to me just how concerning it has all been for him too. Never once did he pressure me to go and have a hearing test....he just loves me for me.

Then I rang my sister Emma. I know that Em has been feeling the same way with her hearing - too scared to go for the hearing test and not wanting to know the result. Her moulds are old too so she is off for a hearing test and some new moulds too! We BOTH feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel now....and it's just the best feeling.

I said a special prayer that night after celebrating with my Mum and Dad with a vino. I have so much to be thankful for....especially my hearing.

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  1. that looks like a Starkey Zon
    I heard about those and those are great but I rather stick with a regular BTE with earmolds since they require powerful amplication and right for me! (mod/severe with severe loss in high frquecies)

    BTW, U should learn about CIs and signing
    I know some signs atfer I got my 1st hearing aid (1st pair was an analog Siemens Infintis S1) *I was the baby here*
    U should probaly try some Oticons 2 since they're the best ones in the game (wearing 1 right now and switching to Oticon Safaris since my old pairs died and my current ones is 5 yrs old
    plus they slow down my hearing loss which is good!
    wish U best of luck!