Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meet my Mama

Due to my intense pain from my awful dentist appointment (more on that later) and my consequent drug-induced haze - my Mama has come to visit the Dalli Cottage to look after me with the amazing power of Mama instead of me doing a post....I have asked my Mama to take here she is....MY Mama....the most beautiful Mama in the world....

How lovely of Mama Butterfly to give me such a lovely introduction. I am very proud of both my daughters who you will have been introduced to in this blog. My youngest is revelling in country life. She has proven herself to be a wonderful wife, mother to Moo, caring daughter and the creator of blogs and beautiful creations with her sewing. My other beautiful daughter who is to be married in September is my other pride and joy. As a mother to my gorgeous girls, I have watched them grow up to be beautiful women who astound me each day with their successes.

I have enjoyed reading Mama's blog each day too. Living 2 hours away from both my girls is a test especially now I'm a grandma. We talk, email or text every day and now have found SKYPE so I'm more in touch as I can watch Moo scooting around the cottage in her walker or playing in her cubby house. I could sit and watch her all day. Sadly, I'm going home today and know that I will miss Moo's kisses and cuddles till I see her again ( and anyday now she will be waking up with 2 little teeth). I also know that Mr H will look after Mama for me and hopefully today will be a better day for her with the pain in her tooth. Love to all Mama's readers.

(My girls - Han on the left and Em on the right)


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