Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our first encounter with Skype!

The webcam was on....
The microphone was testing 1, 2, 3....
Moo was in position...
I was out of my PJs....
and we were trying to tackle the big wide world of SKYPE!

Yes - thats right - we had our very first Hear & Say Skype session this morning with the beautiful ladies Michelle and Linda!

Just when I thought I was ready and raring I realised that....

The webcam was not on - instead I had the laptop camera on and it was UPSIDE DOWN MISS JANE!
The microphone was NOT testing 1, 2, 3 - they couldnt hear us at all!
Moo was still in position however she decided that eating her hearing aids instead of her rusk was much more exciting. Consequently, she managed to pull the tubing away from the mould in the process! I am praying that her new moulds will arrive in the post today!
And above all of that....I realised just how technogically retarded I am!

So after a few techno issues - we were finally the right way around and hearing each other talk!

Thankfully Mr H came home specially and tended to a crazy Baby Moo while I planned with the girls for Macie's upcoming week and next lesson. I loved the way I had a voice with what we will be doing in the lessons and incorporating the way that I parent/teach into the lesson planning. All the planning is based around a box of resources that is provided to us once a month. The box is full of goodies - farm animals, playdough and shape cutters, cars, aeroplanes, books, reptiles, duck puppets, etc!

There is also a container for BUBBLES....I was so excited to see them and instantly started blowing bubbles for Moo to play with. Much to my dismay...Moo was horrified from them and just plain scared! She screamed at me until I stopped blowing them and each time I pull the container out...she knows what is happening and hates them! Can you believe it? Michelle & Linda are determined to make Macie love the bubbles so that should be great to see!!

I only had ONE request.....and that was that no snakes are incorporated into the animal play (there is a plastic snake in the reptile pack!). The last thing we want is for Macie to associate the slimy evil creatures with PLAY!! Thankfully I am not the first parent who has requested this!! :)

So, I am happy to report that we survived our first encounter with Skype and live to share the tale with you! If today's lesson is an indicative of our journey with Hear & Say - then I am very say the least!

Thanks Girls!!

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