Saturday, July 24, 2010

The House of Love

I tackled the Target Toy Sale yesterday - and yes, I could have gone nuts with lots of toys and gadgets but I really surprised myself and realised that I really don't want a house full of commercial toys that Moo plays with for 2 minutes and then throws away! So instead of buying the noisy gadgetting-looking toys, I bought her a Walker which she fell in love with instantly!

Thankfully, Mr H agrees with me that we aren't big fans of filling our house up with commercial toys so he seized the oppurtunity that was just too good to miss! His parents have just purchased a new washing machine and what is better than a REALLY REALLY big box?

So after cutting a few windows and a door - here is Moo's new House of Love - where a smile is required for entry and happiness bursts through the windows.

Moo thought it required a paint job so in between sewing my orders (that keep on coming in!!) we set to work on the House of Love......and here is the result.....isn't it just gorgeous?

Once the paint is dry, I am sure we will find the perfect place for Moo's new toy! In the meantime, I must fight the temptation to make some pretty little curtains for her!! :)

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  1. This is just sooo gorgeous! What creative parents Moo has! What a lucky girl!