Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunshine Award

To add to my gorgeous comment yesterday about my Blog - today, I received another beautiful surprise from a lovely Bloggy-friend Linda from LuLu Frou Frou (the home of the most GORGEOUS hair pretties).

She awarded me a beautiful Sunshine Award!

How LOVELY is that?

However, there are some conditions that I must abide before I am able to accept the Sunshine Award. I must forego seven Random Facts about Myself and then pass on the award to other inspiring bloggers. Sounds easy to me!! :)

So here goes.....7 Random Facts about Mama Butterfly

1. I have tried to learn how to play a million musical instruments - violin, cello, trumpet, guitar, drums and saxophone. Needless to say - I wasn't too flash hot with any of them....perhaps I am a bit tone-deaf? ;)

2. My left side of my body is stronger, larger and better than my right side. No word of a lie - even my hearing is better on my left side!

3. When I was a child, our family pet was a goldfish named Isabella and she died of constipation....well that is what my Mum told me and I believed it!

4. I am ridiculously petrified of snakes - real or plastic - in a cage or on the TV - I don't care - they freak the bejesus out of me.

5. I hate vegemite and Moo loves did this happen?

6. I love pasta - any kind - I will eat it until the cows come home.

7. I talk in my sleep - much to the amusement of Mr H. One night I spoke about putting pineapples in a are laughing aren't you?

And now to pass on the are 7 blogs that I love....

Life with Soul
NieNie Dialogues
Sunny Mummy
Big Teeth & Clouds
Seven Cherubs

Little Miss Emma
Potty Mouth Mama

Be sure to visit them and spread some bloggy love!! Thank you Linda for sharing the love. You have made my day! :)


  1. Thanks for thinking of me for this award! I appreciate it!

    I only talk in my sleep when I'm getting sick. Thank goodness it's all gibberish so no one can tease me in the morning!

  2. how fabulous!

    thanks, chick!

    xx Amy

  3. Thanks so much...I did a post on it and let everyone know a little about you too!