Monday, July 26, 2010

The power of FRIENDship

Never ever underestimate the power of friendship.

How do YOU like to catch up with your friends?

I love funny and quirky chats on Facebook - the ones that instantly bring a smile to your face and you find yourself wishing you were sharing the laugh over the table and not the computer screen;

I love taking an hour out of my busy schedule to have a coffee and a catch up with friends;

I love my weekly debriefs with our close friends to wash away the stress and worries with a few Bundys and a lot of laughs;

I love loooong lunches - the kind where the kids roll around and cause mayhem while the Mamas revitalise on being able to relate and love each other for WHO they really are.

I love Skype dates with a friend who I have known forever - and to see her blossoming pregnant belly even though she lives thousands and thousands of kilometres away in remote Western Australia.

I love randomly calling a friend who didn't expect to a phonecall from you - and to hear the joy and excitement in their voice when you say a big cheery HELLO!

I love playdates in the park or at a friends house;

I love, I love, I love!!!

.....yes I could go on for days and days and days....

I feel so ultimately blessed to have so many beautiful friends ontop of all my beautiful family. I love them all for their uniqueness, their friendship, their quirkiness and their individuality.

So no matter the distance, or the lack of time....try to MAKE time to stop and revitalise with a cup of coffee and a catch up.

You will be surprised how great you will feel afterwards!


  1. I am with you here!

    I really miss my Gundy mates. Lots.
    I just miss those long cuppa's and a quick cuddle and kiss on the cheek. It lets us know we're not alone.

    Now. About Cheesecake.

    Hmm. Fantastic challenge.
    I think I might do a bloggy Cheesecake challenge.
    what do you think? how could I do it?

    xx A

  2. Love the thought - but have absolutely NO idea how we could do it. Get that creative mind of yours working!! :)