Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have a tooth ache....and yes, admittedly I have had it for a while but it has really flared up to the point where my whole face aches, and nurofen is being digested religiously every 4 hours.

I am off to the dentist tomorrow - and just in case you didn't know....I hate dentists. I think they are evil and are gold diggers. I just want them to pull this tooth out but Mr H tells me that he will not allow this and I must have a root canal. Apparently he doesn't want me looking like this.....

I figure I could loose a few teeth so Moo can gain some. The poor darling is teething too....and has some serious lumps on her bottom gum....but as per usual - no teeth.

I have always hated dentists. My poor Mama would literally take me kicking and screaming while she would die of embarrasment. The dentists would do anything to make me feel comfortable - they would blow up their gloves and draw silly faces, they would turn TVs on and they would even force me to focus on scary clown on the roof. In the end they ALWAYS relented to the happy gas.....

Wish me luck. Apparently I am an adult now so I cant kick and scream which is very disappointing. But since I am an adult - can I tell them how much I hate how much they a very polite voice of course??

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