Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love Notes

For the first few days of our holiday, it is just Moo and I visiting my parents until Mr H can join us....

So in the meantime....there are lots of little love notes being sent via text message....

It goes something like this...

Me: Guess what?
Mr H: What babe?
Me: I am IN love...
Mr H: What? With who?
Me: YOU!

Or just random messages throughout the day....ones that make you smile and read 'I love you more than rainbows' or 'I couldn't sleep last night as you werent here'.....

I love the way we take just a simple 2 seconds out of our busy lives to tell each other how much we love and miss each other. Even when we are together, we always tell each other how much one means to the other.

We are never ever too busy to be IN love. We always make certain that life NEVER gets in the way. Do you?


  1. Oooh gorgeous post :)
    LOVE is such an important part of my life...the most important I guess! My Hubby and I are always sending love text messages & it's such a fun way to keep the spark going & the love brewing :)
    Have an amazing holiday xo.

  2. Hi Clare....isnt being IN love just the ultimate gift! Thanks for the comment - LOVE the bloggy love! ;) X